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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by jjarvis0007, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. jjarvis0007

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    I'm thinking about getting a new bow this summer. I've got the Elite Hunter and the Hottest Maxxis 31 in mind. I've got a Pearson Z34 right now. Nothing wrong with it at all. I just like to get new stuff every now and then. So the Pearson is gonna have to go before summer so I can get a new bow. Any ideas on new bows would be greatly appreciated.

    IRONHIDE Well-Known Member

    i have always been a hoyt and pse fan! but I now own a mathews z7 extreme! check em out! Its all in preference and what you want from a bow!

  3. if you shoot the hoyt carbon element you will buy one. :whistle:

    Everyone has there own preference. I am not a big mathews fan because they don't feel right TO ME. I had a lemon PSE that blew up on me the first month I owned it. It had a defective limb. So I shy away from them. I know it would never happen again. Its just one of those things. Honestly there are so many high quality bows these days, I suggest you just shoot everyone that you can possible get your hands on.
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    Check out some of the new bows from Athens....They are for sure a company on the move and cut no corners in building bows!!!!!
  6. Mossybuckkiller

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    G5 makes some very good bows, Strothers, and Elite. I shoot the G5 Primal I bought it this year and it is a great bow. I shot every bow on the market almost except for the Elite. I finally got to shoot an Elite a couple months back and it was awesome. I would have chose the Elite over the G5. In my opinion you just have to shoot a bow and let it pick you. I didn't like the z7 and I just kinda liked the Destroyer and ended up picking a bow that I didn't know much about. Shoot as many as you can and then choose one.
  7. SR4

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    I have a Hoyt maxxis 31 28.5" at 70lbs. And I can get you whatever draw length you need for it. Custom 452 winners choice string & cables. Also the original set of string & cables. And it has the stealth shot replaced with a bow rattler which makes it super quiet. It has a red eye peep tied in that can go with it too Bow is 4 months old. Take 500.00 plus shipping. I can send you a Hoyt buyers package with it which is your paperwork, ball cap, etc. PM me if your interested. I can post pics in a couple days when I get home.
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    I firmly believe that there are multiple great bow companies out there. I am partial to BowTech and some of the new technology they have put out in the past few years. The Destroyer line from last year and this year is really hard to beat. I am really excited about BowTechs new Invasion that was released yesterday. A Center Pivot bow that IBOs at 343 with a 7" brace height is awesome! Check the out and if your looking for a package deal check out the BowTech Assasin. Great bow with great accessories for a great price!!!

    Most importantly pick a couple that you think you might like out and give them all a shot!!!
  9. Passthrough

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    I bought a PSE x force vendetta xs this year and love it. It's only 29 axle to axle but shoots like a large bow with the new cams. I know nit everyone likes these new PSE "big cam" bows but you should at least try them out. I love mine. People who say bows don't need to be that fast just have slow bows.
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    I have a pse x force axe and love it. Got rid of my hoyt vectrix for it but i also enjoyed the hoyt but bows are updated so quickly now a 3 year old bow is a antique.
  11. New2BPA2010

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    Athens Accomplice 32 or34
  12. jjarvis0007

    jjarvis0007 Well-Known Member

    I've been looking into the Athens. Need to find somewhere I can shoot one close to town. Hopefully some more people with them will chime in.
  13. GunnerX2

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    The athens bows are nice bows. Buddy that lives in oklahoma has one and he loves it. Got to shoot it a little this year when he came to visit. Shoots good but my recomendation would be an ELITE. I have two of them, a GT500 & a Judge. Best bows on the market. Just ordered another one too. Everybody has their preferences but you cant go wrong with Perfected EXcellence!:biggrin:
  14. cookiearcher

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    12 ring in conway is a Athens dealer.