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    Got a new boot to wear for the next 6-8 weeks. Yesterday afternoon I was mowing the yard on my JD Zero Turn mower. At the end of my drive is a set of double metal gates, tied back to the fences when not in use. I bumped one of the gates with the front of the mower, like I've done every time I've mowed since I've had the mower, 4-5 years. Instead of the gate pushing back so I could mow under it, it popped straight up, just enough for the mower to run under it. The gate came down on top of my foot while at the same time the latch chain on the gate went under the front of the mower and into a 1/4" gap in the plate on the deck, pinning the gate to my foot. When I finally got the mower stopped I couldn't get my foot out from under it. To put it mildly, I was in distress. I finally managed to work a T-Post out of the ground and when I got it under the gate to pick it up off my foot it picked the mower up to, because of the chain. To unhook the chain the gate had to lower 4 inches to reach the bottom of the mower, trouble was my foot was under it. I got the post between the deck and the gate and as the post started bending, I got enough wiggle room to jerk my foot out, took some hide, but it was coming out. Probably lasted somewhere between 3 or 4 minutes, but I could have swore, I did swore, it was 45 minutes. When my foot came out from under the gate it slammed into the deck and cut the rubber floor mat. I had to get bolt cutters to get the chain off the mower and the gate free. Ended up with the little toe broke, next toe to it bruised and cut up, both swelled up and several shades of purple that I haven't seen since my wreck back in 2016. I hurt like the dickens while it was happening, then went numb about the time I jerked it out. Feeling still hasn't come back in it completely, but the Nurse Practitioner I saw assured me it would.
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    Ouch!! Dang it!:eek:
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    I would wager that is an expensive boot.
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    Yeah, and all that money and you don't even get a pair of 'em!

    Dang Sam. You maybe are living too close to me, do you think?
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    He shrugs off a nuclear holocaust but almost gets taken out by a gate. Tough life up there in Damacus country.
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    Sam, nuclear war heads, truck wrecks, freakish lawn .owing incidents...I don't know if you are a believer or not, but it sure seems God has a use for you being around. You've missed some good opportunities to go!

    Hope you heal up quick.
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    See, there's another one of them there Cliche' thingies that ain't true. Sam's prolly just like me. I've had a ton of chances to check out.

    I suspect the Good Lord looks at us and says "OH NO YOU DON'T......I'm gonna give you guys more chances to screw up. I don't really want your kind up here. Y'all go forth and mess up"............
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    The first 1/3 of my life was spent in my Dad's feed mill, second third in farming and milking cows, the last part building spec houses, remodeling and flipping houses. Needless to say I've had lots of near misses and glancing blows with a background like that. Besides the above mentioned "incidents" I've had the heel of a boot cut off by a 12" feed auger, had my hand nailed to a wall by a nail gun, had my pants ripped off by a PTO shaft, fought and lost numerous fights with enraged momma cows and love struck bulls. Survived horses, dune buggies and three wheelers. My brother ran over both my legs with a 3/4 ton 4X4 ton truck. Those are just the things that come to mind quickly. I've got to say though that this latest episode of foot vs lawn mower and gate is about as freaky a case of self mutilation as I've ever inflected on myself.
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    We'll take care of your CZ Rifles for ya....
    Gotta get better before Colorado...
    Prayers Sam...
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    Dangit man, I know that hurt. You managed to pull a t post out of the ground to pry with. You were getting loose one way or another. Amazing how quick something routine can go bad.
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    I wore that @#$%$# boot one afternoon. It stuck out in front of my toes about 3 inches, I guess to protect like a bumper. I went up the stairs in the house and hooked that @#$%$# boot on the top step and fell hard on the carpet. Now I've got a rug burn the size of a silver dollar on my elbow that looks like it was made by a blowtorch. It hurts worse than the broke toe.
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    Well, you can only hurt in one place at a time. Stinks all the way around. Crazy how quick routine stuff can go sideways. Resourceful self rescue. I’d go anywhere with a guy like you that stays cool and thinking in a crisis.