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Discussion in 'Fishing' started by joe713, Dec 9, 2012.

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    I will be moving to the Arkansas at the end of this month and I am already researching where to fish. I'll be living in Redfield, and I'm trying to find some information on DeGray Lake, Lake Hamilton, and The stretch of the Arkansas River from Pine Bluff to Little Rock. I'm looking forward to doing some Catfishing, Bass fishing, Striper/Hybrid fishing, and maybe even some trout fishing. If I have the extra money, I may even register for the 5 BFL events as a Co-angler.

    If anyone could give me some information on shoreline access for the above named places where I could fish, I'd really appreciate it. If there are anyone who lives around Redfield and doesn't mind showing someone around the area and maybe sharing a few fishing holes I'd be more than happy to show my appreciation with some beer and food.

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    I haven't lived in that area in years but there use to be some fine fishing there and still is for bass, crappie, catfish ,bluegill along the arkansas river . I know there is shore access around all the lock and dams on the river and a park call tar camp that we use to lauch at that should allow shore fishing. It is a great area to fish but when we lived there 15 yrs ago we always had to lauch at a public park are theives would still things out of your truck! Only thing I don't like about the area.

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    There is a boat launch in Redfield, river is tricky business. It can be great when there is decent flow, when there is no flow it can be dead. Fish the current breaks when there is current, go fish timber in back water when no flow. It'll take you a while to learn it, just start with small sections adn expand and apply the pattern to the rest of the river. Stay in the boat channel!! Hamilton is a mess during the summer, early spring it has a quality Bass bite, carolina rig points w/lizards and fish docks deadsticking a jig. Trout you'll have to head north to the Little Red, its fun and easy. Throw a jerkbait, blue/silver when sunny, black/silver when cloudy. good luck, you'll love fishing in AR. I wished I still lived there!!