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I bought a farm in Arkansas about 5 years ago to hopefully retire to one day.My family is from Reelfoot Lake in west Tennessee but I couldn't find anything there close to what I was looking for so I looked west. Well I have never really deer hunted and have done some work on the place and have a few deer. I wanted to bowhunt but due to osteoarthritis in my thumbs and first fingers I can't so I went with a crossbow,and have borrowed a rem 700 from a friend that I duck hunt with. So I guess here I go huh! I have read forums,read mags and books and talked with my friends who all deer hunted a lot in the past,(very successfully i might add).But I will probably need your advice if that's not a problem. I guess since I had posted a few times I kinda wanted to introduce myself! I attached a few pics from my food plot.I know that one of the pics is not very good but I had too zoom it in alot.
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Looks like you have at least 75% of it whupped so far!:up: Welcome aboard, I'll be looking for more pics this year, this time with you grinning ovedr a nice fat Kansas buck!:biggrin: Oh, and you can get all the advice you need and some you might not, on here...ya just hafta weed through them:fit:
Welcome to the boards. Well first off I will be glad to show you how if I can come to reelfoot and duck hunt.:thumb: I am just kidding, You can start out by clearing some land for foos plots. they don;t have to be big one since you are wanting to bow hunt because your shot isn't going to be that long. But the main thing is find a good spot to put a stand and build on it from there.
Pay attention to the wind, and if there's a white oak spittin' acorns come October, that's where you need to be. If you can find one right on the edge of a bedding area, they'll be there. BUT BE SURE TO WATCH THE WIND. Good luck.
Ole Alien Eyes looks like a shooter for sure. Nice pics.
Learn to think like a Deer! Thats all you gotta do.
First of all welcome to the forum...:up: Deer hunting is like anything else in life, you will get out of it what you put into it...So far looks like you have started pretty good...Play the wind and just enjoy being out there...:wink:
Welcome to the board and good luck this year.:up: might want to put out a few mineral/salt blocks, if you haven't already...........
Welcome to the board. There is a lot of good advise on here, just keep in mind that what may work for some may not work for you. I think that deer react differently from place to place and you will over time find out what works best for you on your land. Also the more time you hunt and spend time on your farm the more you will learn how the deer move through and use the land you hunt. Good luck.
Pull up a chair. This is some good entertainment on here. Besides fishermen and hunters tend to be long winded when telling tall tales. Glad to have you here. If you have specific questions, address them. That's the best way to get the info you need. As far as the deer hunting goes in general, talk to someone in the area of your farm who you can trust and who has lots of experience hunting whitetails in that neighborhood. Also, always get soil tests done first for food plots or before allowing ground to revert to native vegetation. Deer tend to go after the highest protein food source available. If you have more nutritious and more palatable offerings than the next farm, you end up holding more deer. Like it was said before, note the wind. Otherwise, the best thing to do might be to get a good book or video on deer hunting basics. Some of the PRO-fessionals are trying to sell you something, but others are just passing along the 411. Take care and good luck.
Safety first would be my first bit of advice. Stick around, you won't believe how fun we get when fall gets here. :biggrin: Even though we are pretty good entertainment most of the time.
Sounds like ya just need a good hunting partner :cool: So where's your farm?
Nice bucks in those pics. It won't take you long to catch on and man they eat goooood!:thumb:
Best wishes for your hunting this year, most of all just have fun and enjoy all that God has given us:biggrin:
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