Never honor a traitor

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    I got this in an email,long read but it got my attention:

    Never Forgive A Traitor
    For those of you too young to remember, Hanoi Jane is a bad person and did some terrible things during the Vietnam war. Things that can not be forgiven!!!!
    . .
    and now OBAMA wants to honor her......!!!!

    In Memory of LT. C.Thomsen Wieland who spent 100 days at the Hanoi Hilton


    She really is a traitor.


    This is for all the kids born in the 70's and after who do not remember, and didn't have to bear the burden that our fathers, mothers and older brothers and sisters had to bear..

    Jane Fonda is being honored as one of the '100 Women of the Century.'

    Unfortunately, many have forgotten and still countless others have never known how Ms. Fonda betrayed not only the idea of our country, but specific men who served and sacrificed during Vietnam.

    The first part of this is from an F-4E pilot. The pilot's name is Jerry Driscoll, a River Rat.

    In 1968, the former Commandant of the USAF Survival School was a POW in Ho Lo Prison the ' Hanoi Hilton.'

    Dragged from a stinking cesspit of a cell, cleaned, fed, and dressed in clean PJ's, he was ordered to describe for a visiting American 'Peace Activist' the 'lenient and humane treatment' he'd received.

    He spat at Ms.Fonda, was clubbed, and was dragged away. During the subsequent beating, he fell forward on to the camp Commandant's feet, which sent that officer berserk.

    In 1978, the Air Force Colonel still suffered from double vision (which permanently ended his flying career) from the Commandant's frenzied application of a wooden baton.

    From 1963-65, Col. Larry Carrigan was in the 47FW/DO (F-4E's). He spent 6 years in the 'Hanoi Hilton',,, the first three of which his family only knew he was 'missing in action'.His wife lived on faith that he was still alive.His group, too, got the cleaned-up, fed and clothed routine in preparation for a 'peace delegation' visit.

    They, however, had time and devised a plan to get word to the world that they were alive and still survived. Each man secreted a tiny piece of paper, with his Social Security Number on it , in the palm of his hand.

    When paraded before Ms. Fonda and a cameraman, she walked the line, shaking each man's hand and asking little encouraging snippets like: 'Aren't you sorry you bombed babies?' and 'Are you grateful for the humane treatment from your benevolent captors?' Believing this HAD to be an act, they each palmed her their sliver of paper.

    She took them all without missing a beat.. At the end of the line and once the camera stopped rolling, to the shocked disbelief of the POWs, she turned to the officer in charge and handed him all the little pieces of paper..

    Three men died from the subsequent beatings. Colonel Carrigan was almost number four but he survived, which is the only reason we know of her actions that day.

    I was a civilian economic development advisor in Vietnam, and was captured by the North Vietnamese communists in South Vietnam in 1968, and held prisoner for over 5 years.

    I spent 27 months in solitary confinement; one year in a cage in Cambodia ; and one year in a 'black box' in Hanoi My North Vietnamese captors deliberately poisoned and murdered a female missionary, a nurse in a leprosarium in Ban me Thuot , South Vietnam , whom I buried in the jungle near the Cambodian border. At one time, I weighed only about 90 lbs. (My normal weight is 170 lbs)

    We were Jane Fonda's 'war criminals....'

    When Jane Fonda was in Hanoi , I was asked by the camp communist political officer if I would be willing to meet with her..
    I said yes, for I wanted to tell her about the real treatment we POWs received... and how different it was from the treatment purported by the North Vietnamese, and parroted by her as 'humane and lenient.'
    Because of this, I spent three days on a rocky floor on my knees, with my arms outstretched with a large steel weights placed on my hands, and beaten with a bamboo cane.

    I had the opportunity to meet with Jane Fonda soon after I was released. I asked her if she would be willing to debate me on TV. She never did answer me.
    These first-hand experiences do not exemplify someone who should be honored as part of '100 Years of Great Women.' Lest we forget....'100 Years of Great Women' should never include a traitor whose hands are covered with the blood of so many patriots.

    There are few things I have strong visceral reactions to, but Hanoi Jane's participation in blatant treason, is one of them. Please take the time to forward to as many people as you possibly can.. It will eventually end up on her computer and
    she needs to know that we will never forget.

    RONALD D. SAMPSON, CMSgt, USAF 716 Maintenance Squadron, Chief of Maintenance DSN: 875-6431 COMM: 883-6343
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    I didnt realize that Obama was president in 1999 when Barbara Walters did this:head::head:

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    I guarantee there is somebody on snopes as we speak checking up on this. They will be on shortly to pounce on you.
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    mwmwbm, who are you trying to protect? yer boy or jane? We can all have an opinion and you have the right to voice yours. But in reviewing your posts, all you do is question the article? In case you haven't noticed, for the most part, you are a minority in your way of thinking on this site. If you have something to say, then say it. Let's start with what yer boy has done to help this nation. Or better yet, dispell the fact of how he described 'us southern folk' as bible carrying-gun toting bla-bla-bla. This makes the second thread I've seen with you popping up in with an attempt to dispell facts by misrepresenting facts. You want facts, here are some facts for you to dispell. Obumer is a Clintonite. He follows the same social network of political smooth talking as his hero, Billary. He would have no problem signing into law many regulations that would take away all of our gun rights. He IS pro-ban NOT pro-gun. :down:
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    whether his story is true or not, it has always been known that she was sympathetic towards the communist cause.
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    I ain't got a clue about the validity of the email but the stories of her actions have been recounted and proven to be true many times over.
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    just sayin!

    and im tryin to be nice with that statement, my oldest daughter is a vet!
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    if you are not for America than you are against it!!! Love it or get the:censored: out!!!!!!!!!:flag:
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    I was in viet Nam in 1965 and 1966. I think anyone that served in Nam knows about Jane Fonda. She is a traitor, and in my opinion she should have been shot for treason. She is the lowest of low, in my opinion.

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    I still remember seeing her picture in the paper sitting on that nva aa gun mount. To this day I refuse to watch any movie with her in it.:mad:
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    My thoughts exactly ! But give her some of the fair treatment our pow's got before she gets shot ! Jmo
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    Yes, and I was in Nam on my 2nd tour when that picture hit the press. What she did was the most despicable act of treason I can even imagine! She should have been thrown in prison for her actions, but to this day hasn't served a day of actual punishment for what she did. She should have been made an example of, so the hollywood brats might've learned something from it. Now, I've said all that, to say this: I;m sure that in the sundown of her life, she will forever regret her actions, and suffered mightily in loss of fame and fortune[that could've been]over her childish brat actions. Would she do it way.....most vets of Nam will likely never forgive her, but I have. Will I watch her movies or anything else about her? Probly not. Do I think she'd accept anything like that from the dork obama? She'd be a complete idiot if she did; it'd bring down even more shame to herself and the horse's:censored: we have in the white house!
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    I am a fan of facts and I may be in the minority on that. the fact is Hanoi Jane did what she did and Barbara Walters honored her in 1999. BUT It is also a fact that this has nothing to do with Obama.

    I am not a fan of either Obama or Fonda. But I dont like spreading LIES, rumors and falsehoods.

    As far as what you said about BHO. I agree, but it aint got nothing to do with Fonda.

    Seems odd to me that when someone points out that something is false they are somehow attacked.
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    That's the acception around here but not necessarily the rule.....I know that, because I have pasted soundbites about lots of things and some were debunked by snopes[maybe], but I was not attacked. Generally the folks here on this site are like a family in that respect. If you become a part of the greater part you will understand what I'm saying.:up:
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    My father is a former fighter pilot (retired Col. AF) with 168 combat missions over Veitnam. Jan 67'- Jan 68'. My father was friends with serveral pilots that spent time in the hilton and other prisons. I have been to many of his squadron reunions, most recently the one he hosted here in Little Rock back in May. I have heard the same story from many of the pilots he flew with. Hanoi Jane is probably the most hated Veitnam War protester among the fighter pilot community for her actions while on her visit to Hanoi. She even had a photo op of her sitting on AA gun wearing a pith helmit pointing the gun to the skys as though she was shhoting at American aircraft. This was one of the thousands around Hanoi usedto shoot American aicraft down. She is a traitor.
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    Thank you for you service.:flag:
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    Thankyoou for your service.:flag:
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    I really gotta agree with mwmwbm on this one. Any time we read a story we SHOULD check the facts. Him stating they don't line up in this case, doesn't mean he supports JF or BO, it means he did what we should all do a little more often - get our facts straight. The libtards are great at skewing and twisting the truth - lets not join them.
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