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  1. Extended family has a small piece of land in De Ann west of precott and was wondering how the deer/hog hunting is in this area. Another question, may be a dumb one but I have never deer hunted in Arkansas, are feeders leagal.
    Thanks for the info......
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    I dont know how the hunting is in Nevada County but yes feeders are legal until february.

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    A lot of deer in that area. It's not known for many trophies but has high numbers. Feeders are legal in AR October through January. Can't bait in February. Hope that helps.
  4. Thanks for the help!!!!
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    Use to live in DeAnn. Be glad to check it out for ya!:wink::whistle::biggrin:
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    Man I hunt in Prescott, I have been through De Ann many times. You will see tons of deer if there is any food source whatsoever. The Hope area has so many that they have started an archery season inside the city limits.
    Like said above the numbers will be great but may not have the quality of big bucks but there are some good ones, if you are patient. I haven't hunted a whole lot of places in Arkansas but you would be hard pressed for an area that has as many deer, with exception to maybe our easterly neighboring county.
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    i guess i miss read the reg book this yr, i didn't see the no feeders from feb-sept rule, heck that's when i want to feed to get them horns grow'n
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    You can feed all you want to in February, you just can't hunt deer over the feed. Same with turkeys. You can feed turkeys all year long, you just cant hunt them over or near the feed.