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Discussion in 'Trapping' started by gravedigger30, Feb 18, 2020.

  1. SwampCat

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    Glad you mentioned about the renewal. I need to renew everything.
  2. 8upSS

    8upSS Well-Known Member

    One more this morning,


    then on to the creek, for a bunch of these.


    Been a good day Tater

  3. Longbeard8675309

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    IMG_1593465981.772662.jpg IMG_1593465992.891516.jpg IMG_1593466017.742995.jpg
    Got a big male coyote. Man I’m excited! And coon #57. Put my PCP to use major time this spring/ summer. AGFC would be proud. Also 14 possums and 3 skunks since April 23. doing my part !
  4. SwampCat

    SwampCat Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    good job. If this rain ever quits, I am going to get a few conventional traps out too. Bobcats have taken over my place.
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  5. Punkinseed

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    Se ark
    Have caught a few coons in my dp’s but way slower than normal, guess thats good! Took these out this morning not far from my back door.
  6. SwampCat

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    they are all detrimental to other wildlife - pigs, coons, coyotes, crows - yes, even snakes;)
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  7. austincrutchfield

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    I'm glad I didnt go set any traps with this flood that's coming. If itll ever quit raining for 2 weeks or so I should be able to get back to trapping
  8. juleo

    juleo Well-Known Member

    The new location traps around the deer minerals was a success. Got the momma coon and one kit plus a bonus possum this morning.
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  9. ArkGirl

    ArkGirl Moderator Staff Member

    Well...I've had it with the local coon population. They are getting bolder and getting into trash despite it being up by the house and in a pretty darn secure trash bin. I have the permit and it's game on.
    I'm going with the live trap as I already have one now. And...less risk to our barn cats etc.
    Am I right that baiting with marshmallows and maybe suet will be effective? The cats aren't interested in that stuff.
  10. SwampCat

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    If the marshmallows and suet attract too many fire ants, you might try corn or sweet feed - the cats shouldn't mess with that, either. My cat learns his lesson after being caught once.
  11. ArkGirl

    ArkGirl Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks SC. I do have plenty of horse feed to use.
    I've thought about doing this trapping before just to help thin the population...but now I'm fed up enough to actually go to the trouble. I can only do it on weekends due to not enough time to deal with anything like that before work. but we have a 3 day weekend coming up!
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