nervous wreck

Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by BIG DOG, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. BIG DOG

    BIG DOG Member-2018 Spring Team Turkey Contest Winner

    danggggg you'd think i was suited up and ready to play
    less than an hour till kick off

  2. D33RHUNT3R

    D33RHUNT3R Well-Known Member

    I ain't skeered ..I watched a few Big 10 vs the SEC and the Big 10 is over-rated IMO..

    I see the Hawgs whoopin some Buckeye arse big time.. new prediction 49-17 :clap:

    Time for Arkansas to get some recognition it sorely deserves...!!!!!

  3. 4hunting

    4hunting Well-Known Member

    Think you still have little bit of what I still have in my system, that "Nutt" syndron, know it is long gone, but still hard not to remember all of those chokes we had in the bigger games.
  4. Arktiger86

    Arktiger86 Well-Known Member

    What'd think about opening the game up with three pass plays and no Kniles Davis?
  5. Manybeards

    Manybeards Premium Member<br>2009 Turkey Contest Winner<br>20

    Calm down men we got this :thumb: Just a rough start
  6. ace777

    ace777 Well-Known Member

    it should have been 6 points opening play of the game:banghead::banghead:
  7. D33RHUNT3R

    D33RHUNT3R Well-Known Member

    Boyz it looks like the are gonna put up a tough fight...

    It maybe a long gut wrencher...
  8. 4hunting

    4hunting Well-Known Member

    No Kidding!:smack:

    Ohio St is not going to beat Arkansas, Arkansas is going to beat Arkansas if they don't watch it!:banghead:
  9. arc3162

    arc3162 Well-Known Member

    Looks to me like the defense is going to lose it for us if they don't step up and play a smarter game.
  10. paxcolt

    paxcolt Well-Known Member

    Why do we keep trying to cover their best receiver with a linebacker???
  11. dirtdart

    dirtdart Well-Known Member

    It's looking ugly from here.
  12. Arktiger86

    Arktiger86 Well-Known Member

    Its only two TD's, and dropped passes are the only reason they're winning.
  13. dirtdart

    dirtdart Well-Known Member

    J. Adams must have iced his hands down before the game.
  14. duck

    duck Well-Known Member

    Our receivers are loosing it for us.:smack:
  15. Manybeards

    Manybeards Premium Member<br>2009 Turkey Contest Winner<br>20

    :censored::banghead: they got to catch the :censored: ball
  16. rossbowhunter

    rossbowhunter Well-Known Member

    So far it seems to me that OSU is the only ones who spent the last few weeks with football on their minds...............we look pathetic so far. It's not just the dropped balls, we are tackling like a junior high team.
  17. 4hunting

    4hunting Well-Known Member

    As bad as I hate to say it, we might end up being #1 before this is over with if the Hog's don't shape up, that #1 will be the 1 in the 1-9 record the Big 10 has againest the SEC!:doh:
  18. Arktiger86

    Arktiger86 Well-Known Member

    Sad story right there man, and it just got worse.
  19. duck

    duck Well-Known Member

    I feel a :censored: Kicking coming on. :banghead: