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Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by 7 point, Jan 5, 2011.

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    I can't believe no one has weighed in on last nights game yet. I thought our Hogs played terribly the first half but I sure was proud of them the second half. They rallied back and almost won the game against what I would call a very physical defense. I thought Mallet and Adams took a lot of cheap shots from OSU that should have been called but were over looked. All in all even with the last minute of the game I'm proud of the Razorbacks and say WPS!
  2. Matthew.loftis

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    That's one dead horse I don't wanna kick. I work in TV and have heard a/b it all day. :down: :dead:

    :sinking: Arkansas choked. They always do.

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    Look in the Raorbacks forum therer are several.. Proud of those hogs too.
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    It was simply a game of missed opportunities. A few bad passes, a few missed catches, etc. It easily could have gone our way but it didn't. Being a Hogs fan is sometimes like being a Cubs fan. You just gotta roll with it and keep cheering them on.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do next year.

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    Hard for any receiver to catch a 'machine-gun' pass...I think Ryan was putting too much on the ball and throwing it too hard...........missed opportunities........2nd half the boys played a shots, and calls that weren't , yep!

    But OUR boys played Clean Ball, other than maybe some thrash talking, but I didn't see a one of them throwing cheap shots like the OSU boys........a friend at the game said that OSU fans were nice and made several comments about the cheap shots thrown by their players.........

    Heartbroken, but still Proud of em.....we could have been sitting at home instead of in NOLA!!

    Gotta LOVE EM..WPS!!!!!!
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    I thought we did OK considering the calls made in the first half. You could pick any one of 6-8 plays that would have won the game for, the basketball team is another story.:eek:
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    I told myself I wouldn't comment on their performance last night and I'm not going to:up:

    Woo Pig Sooie
  8. More like cruise missile balls.......
    I wasn't gonna go there anymore but......I think the defense was terrible in the first half......somebody besides Willy must have helped them adjust at half time.
    Mallet is a passer but can't move for diddly.......Pryor on the other hand was a threat......the only threat Mallet had was his arm.......

    I think Tyler Wilson will shock some people next year........:wink:
  9. thompson

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  10. Tink

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    Love those hogs they did outstanding in my book. Great Game! :up:
  11. Lonnie

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    I listen to Bo Mattingly on Sports talk radio everyday. It was really funny to hear all the Arkansas fans yesterday talk about the hogs and the SEC and how OSU had never beaten a SEC team in a bowl. It was kinda funny.

    Now that it is over the people I feel bad for the most are the coaches. They recruited these guys,they give them scholarships, they teach them and work with them everyday and look what happens when they are supposed to perform. They choke like a rat eating onions!!!! I hope they take some scholarships away after that fiasco last night.

    Oh yeah must have have gone to the bathroom when they showed the cheap shots Arkansas linemen were putting on Heyward.

    The bottom line is that the game was handed to them on a silver platter and all they did was choke!!

    True to form I guess!

    How Pathetic!!!!
  12. Heck that Heyward guy is a beast!! It took two to even partially slow him down....did you see the picture of his father....:eek:

    They don't need to take scholarships away and as far as the coaches go......I think it's time to free Willy!!
    He is inconsistent.......

    I would have liked to have seen when it was determined that Mallets inability to move was killing them that they put Wilson in for a bit.
    I think they should have done this all year.
    Mallet has an arm on him for sure but IMO thats all He has......
  13. TMHC

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    I'm definately not hating on Mallet but he didn't show the ability to scramble or pass effectively from the front of the pocket. Just one of the many factors in last nights loss.
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    Hogs had the big head in the first half. After getting shown they were going to have to work fir it and a seriouse butt chewing they started to play. There was so many mistakes in the first half by Ar that it would be hard to name them all. Osu on the otherhand came to play. Hayward was a hoss and I'm sure there were some cheapshots on him but when I played if u couldn't handle the guy in front of u. U did whatever it took to stop him. I have been on both sides of that exchange. The second half was a game. Both teams performed well. I too am ready for next season to see what happens.

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Possibly, cause I did have to take my pup out a few times........she was drinking too much beer!!:biggrin::biggrin:
    I did see a few, but not near as many as the OSU guys were throwing...I mean cmon, three of them took Mallet down, but one then just knocks the hell out of him, that was uncalled for.but the blind refs didn't see it!!!
  16. Juice

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    Joe Adams deserves every extra hit he gets, because he never shuts his mouth. He jaws over every little play, no matter how small. He wasn't talking much after those drops, he hung his head too low. A buddy of mine nicknamed him "Shoeless" Joe Adams after some of those miscues. He did not play a very good game, no matter what the stats say. He needs to withdraw his name from the NFL's search committee and just watch the film from last nights game to see he's not ready for the big time just yet. With all that talent he'll probably make a good pro.

    Mallett has trouble when there is pressure, just like every other quarterback that ever played the game. He needs to work on his mobility and footwork, which is what the scouts will tell him.

    Anyone who calls Mallett a bum or any other bad name for throwing that pic, needs to remember that without him, we don't even sniff a BCS game. He did things that most guys can't do, but he's human.
  17. F B

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    I agree with every thing you said Juice especially this;

  18. Lonnie

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    I guess maybe he would do better in the lingere football league!!!:fit:
  19. 7 point

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    Sorry for putting this post in the wrong forum,I don't visit the sports forum much. Mallet man where do I begin. He has an arm. Throws like a missile and with precision,but that's it. He can't or won't run. He can't take a hit with out getting all flustered afterwards. I hope he doesn't go pro just yet. I also hope Petrino works on Mallets mobility issues this summer and we see some different results next year. As for Adams,all that trash talking well I just think thats part of his game getting himself siked up. I think Petrino has shown us that he's the real deal and can get some coaching done. All in all you gotta love those Hogs and I can't wait until next season. I just wish we could get the basketball going now.
  20. Juice

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    The problem I have with it is the chance there is for that attitude to hurt the team or the game itself. He'll be primed for the NFL, because that's their standard. I wish the NCAA would take it out of the college game. Touchdown celebrations, that's fine, but to dance over a 2 yard pass reception in the first quarter of a 0-0 game, flag it.