Need Thoughts On .22 Pistol and Supressor

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    Alright, I am opening up the floor to discuss what some of you might have for a .22lr pistol as a suppressor host and what suppressor you have.

    I am looking at the Ruger .22/45 Lite or the Browning URX suppressor ready. Reason being, I already have a Mark I .22/45 and a Buckmark URX and like both guns.

    Suppressors being considered are Dead Air, Sig, and Ruger models. Mostly because I am leaning towards the titanium/stainless construction.

    Anyone that owns or has first hand use of this subject I would like you to chime in. Open to suggestions if you can back it up with solid reasoning.
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    I have a ruger mk3 and run a tactical solutions axiom. I really like the pistol but am considering going to a mk4 lite just to make the whole package lighter. The axiom is awesome, its light and easy to clean. The body is aluminum but has a stainless sleeve to hold the baffles that slides right out when you need to clean it, the baffles are titanium so they will hold up and resist most any cleaning method. The can goes back and forth between my 10/22 and the mk3 and works well on both. Im sure you would be happy with almost any combo you were to choose, I like what I have. Thats just my 2 cents.

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    Se ark
    I have the 22/45 lite with aac prodigy. Simple one piece baffle for easy cleanup. I like that its close to same diameter as barrel.[​IMG]
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