Need some reviews on durangos

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  1. xtremebowhunter

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    Ok the wife is gonna have to have a newer ride (2000 or up) when taxes come in and I'm unfortunately looking at a couple Durangos, any experiences?
  2. Guitarzan

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    And don't buy one. It's a Dodge.

  3. John Stiles

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    If you can't Dodge it....RAM it!:fit::razz::biggrin:
  4. 2000 -2003 Durango's were ok they had there probs as with any vehicle. Gas mileage was pretty crappy though, all of the older Dodges always got poor mileage. It still aint great but its better than it was. there was a few engine sizes offered then 5.2l, 5.9l, and a 4.7l. they are all good engines, but i would sure ask for maint. records. 2004 was when the body style changed and they had more probs. than not and werent really straightend out. all in all they are decent rides my mom had a 2000 with the 5.9l and she loved it.
  5. rogers arkie

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    When it comes to cars, the happiest day of my life was when I sold our durango. It was nothing but after another. And I wasn't alone after talking with other owners. My advise is to stay as far away from Dodge durangos as possible.
  6. bayoubuckhunter

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    i can tell you from experience, the durangos are bad news. the ones with the 318 engines are ok other than 15-16 mpg on fuel. I manage a car lot and i promise you that you want to haul butt if you raise the hood and it has a 4.7litre in it. i currently have 4 of them with this engine that are out of commission. i personally will not buy another durango with this engine even though we buy them to resale, dont want a customer pe od at me for the thing blowing up before they can even get it paid for....its even harder to find one salvaged with a good engine and they want like 2500.00 for a used engine that probably want last long at all. Everone of the durangos we have right now with bad motors have less than 150,000 miles on them.
  7. speedygman

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    I had a 2000 Durango SLT that I loved - never had ANY problems with other than the gas mileage, and it had the 4.7L engine. It had 130,000 miles on it when I got rid of it for a truck.
  8. alphamax32

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    Never owned one but i know people that have and they all hated them................ If it helps any - look up the definition of DODGE in the dictionary and that should help you make up your mind.............:cool:
  9. Arktiger86

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    Don't buy it! Get an explorer, pathfinder, or forerunner instead.
  10. tatter

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    i will never buy another one. "LEMON' spent more on repairs and paying mechanics that the thing was worth. traded it in and got a used 2003 ford triton and had great luck since.
  11. xtremebowhunter

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    well after readin all this I think i'll probably get her a jeep grand cherokee or something
  12. well, ALL vehicles have there probs and out of the thousands an the road, a few folks have had issues with a durango or dodge period for that matter, so get what you want. with that said Guess who jeeps are made by----they come from the same factory that crappy durango came from :head: i drive (and have always driven GM products-and a few fords) but i have been a technician for dodge for 19 yrs. they aint that bad. I wish my o2 Z71 didnt sound like it was gonna sling a rod every morning but i know what it is and i deal with it.yep, out 500,00 cars of 1 brand there are several LEMONS but EVERY brand has the same prob. JMHO good luck on your purchase DT :biggrin:
  13. burky

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    Me and my wife has had 2, a 2000 and a 2003 both we put over a 100000 miles on them and nether one was eer in the shop for anything. fuel on the 360 in town was about 15 but put it on the hwy 19, 4.7liter would get 16 in city and 20 to 21 on hwy and both were 4wd. are 2011 toyota has 11000 miles and it is going on 3rd time in shop!
  14. xtremebowhunter

    xtremebowhunter Well-Known Member

    ok lets change it up a bit, how about the 2000 or newer jeep grand cherokee's?
  15. Lhazc

    Lhazc Well-Known Member

    we had a 01 durango 4X4 with the 4.7, got it in late 02 or 03 when it had 33000 miles, we drove it to over 200K miles with no problems then it finally died this past summer..
  16. Guitarzan

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    I had a Cherokee once. It was good. But I prefer Land Rovers. You can get a late 90's early 2000 Land Rover Discovery II for under $5,000. Mine is a 2001 and will go anywhere!
  17. Don't that piston slap sound good......:smack:
  18. bayoubuckhunter

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    the jeeps also have the 4.7 engines in them also.....
  19. xtremebowhunter

    xtremebowhunter Well-Known Member

    thanks yall, yesterday i ended up getting her a 2001 nissan pathfinder and she loves it!