need place 2 coon hunt around white co.

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  1. I've got 2 young dogs, I'm working. Places to hunt coon on public land in or around white co. is not much. I'd like to get these dogs in a place we could possibly tree 2 or 3 a night.
  2. yjjeeper

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    My garage?

    They seem to like cat food!!!


    Sorry, that's not much help. I'm in one of those moods.........

  3. neotoxo

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    Have you considered the local WMAs. Holland Bottoms just south of Cabot has about 5,000 acres of hardwood bottoms. I'm sure it's full of coons and other assorted critters.
  4. MichaelT.

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    Pardon me but I don't know where white county is. I am in Union County and we have a fire number of coons.
  5. flydown

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    Try the Cherokee wildlife management area at Rosebud and Wilburn.
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    I've got a place between beebe and McRae that i'll take you. I've got 6+ coons in my corn pile every night with game cam pics to prove it!:smack: It's withing a 1/4 mile of the 67/167 it that's a problem. I don't know how you hunt your dogs so let me know.