Need info, have you hunted out of state?

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  1. artomcaller

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    My wife and I would like to take an archery trip next year and I really don't know that much about hunting out of state. If you know anything about these or have hunted them, educate me oh wise ones. Here are a few species we would like to go after...

    Mule deer
    Axis deer

    Also, what kind of cost for licenses am I looking at? Are some states cheaper than others?
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    We hunted Wyoming for pronghorn (rifle) last September and had a blast. The tags were $235.00 and we hunted zone 70 (just west of Casper). I think it all depends on which zone you hunt in Wyoming, but from what I've seen all zones have pronghorn out the wazzu. I don't think you can go wrong in Wyoming. :thumb:

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  3. artomcaller

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    Do you have to apply for a limited permit or can they be bought over the counter? Did you hunt public land?
  4. .270Win

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    We hunted public land (Burea of Land Managment or "BLM") and had to put in for our tags by February or March, I believe. Here are some good links to get you started in Wyoming. Some of this info may still be dated 2007 but it will give you a good idea about season dates and lengths, etc.
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    Deer tags are a little more expensive in Wyoming this year, but it is still the best NR state for archery deer.
  6. Earnhardt fan #1

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    If your doing an archery hunt you'll need to seriously start looking at getting your bowhunter education card ASAP most states require it now days:thumb:

    South Dakota is 2 tags for 245:thumb:
  7. Ike Brown

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    South Dakota is a great place for bow hunting Deer. Long season and you can hunt anywhere in the Black Hills.

    The Black Hills are almost all national forest and the land that isn't is open to public hunting unless it has been posted. Many roads and you might see some elk or mountain Lions