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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by rgwill, Jan 3, 2011.

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    My wife was laid off work a couple months back. She been checking into going back to school. The school says they go by last years taxes as to quaify for free money for school. Is this right? I'm disabled and my wife draws unemployment and if they go by last year when my wife was working noway she can get any help. She finally found something that would pay for about 1/3rd of it, but thats not much help for her. The school she's looking at is like $21,000 for 12 months of classes.

    Can anyone give any advise as to what she might do to help herself? I'm done so old and been out of pocket so long I don't know anything about this stuff. I want nothing more than my wife to be happy, but this scares me for her to do this. She is checking to see if the unemployment will pay as long as she's attending school.
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    Are you a Veteran? If so, you could give her your G.I.Bill money. It has been approved for this. If not, you might try for a grant or the Lottery scholarship.

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    I would suggest calling whatever school it is she is wanting to attend and get an appointment with the financial aid dept there they should be able to tell her all her options and how to go about qualifying:up: Also if she has not already done so filing out the FAFSA online this will be the first thing they have her do
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    My Mr is a vet, the rep told me I CAN'T use his GI bill.
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    Best advice given. Lots of differant things out there to maybe get to help her out & they know where it is & what to do to apply for it. And the answer to your original question, they go by what was put on last years tax return as income.