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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by rackrocker, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. rackrocker

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    I have been hunting for about 13 years now and I have yet to figure out how to keep my feet warm while deer hunting in the extreme cold. It becomes painful after a while and I tend to not enjoy the hunt as much and just want to get down and go turn the heater on in the truck. I have tried batterie heated socks (which do not work) and the hot hands you can stick in your boots. The problem with those is that once you stop walking the dont put out any heat so you then have wet feet from the sweat which becomes even colder. Any advice you guys have would be much appreciated.
  2. austincrutchfield

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    I have that problem also. Best thing i have found so far that i tried out this year. It was a pair of under armour socks and some rocky wool socks over them. Feet still get a little cold but not near as bad and i can sit there a while longer. Hopefully some more people will chime in and give us some more ideas

  3. Tony Harris

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    My feet sweat and in rubber boots my socks get wet or moisture is trapped even with wool socks. If I am hunting a box stand or blind I carry Ice Breaker over boots. Once in the stand I take my boots off and slip my feet in the over boots and then put the hand warmers in. Even with it 20 degrees Monday morning I made it just fine. I never put the hand warmers in until I stop to sit. I keep them in my coat pocket till then.
  4. jjarvis0007

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    My wife got me some muck boots for Christmas and man those things are WARM! Was wearing some smartwool socks and put toastie toes in them on my stand. Sat from 6-5:30 without the slightest problem with my feet. Also got some Crocs with the fluffy liner in them. Was thinking about taking the liner out and putting them on after I get in my stand. Dang crocs are just about warm enough to sit in all day.
  5. 4hunting

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    I have developed the same problem as I get older of cold feet and I think my family has got the issue solved. They got me a pair of Lacrosse Alpha SST 2000 boots. First time I used them it was 18 degree's so I wore some wool socks, found out real quick I didn't need the socks & boots, feet actually got hot so from then on I have just wore regular socks & all has been good. I love them, keep feet warm, easy to walk in & are extremely easy to get on & off, a problem I have has with alot of the slip on boots.
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    I have hunted in KS for two years with a client, and it's obviously much colder up there than here in Oklahoma more often than not. One thing I've learned to do is use moisture wicking socks (Balga is what I use) as a base layer, and wool socks over them.

    Your feet will stay dry that way, and the wool will act as a natural barrier to the cold. Not suggesting that they are warm and toasty, but better than anything I've done

  7. seed

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    Were you sitting for hours or moving around?
  8. Matthew.loftis

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    You need wool socks and wiggle room in your boots. Good boots a size or so too big will give you enough room to wiggle.
  9. coonnutz

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    Get you pair of Bass Pro wool socks their about $10 for a pair, then get yourself a can of spray on deodorant, you would be amazed the difference spray on deodorant makes on your feet..
  10. REM870

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    polypropelene socks, then any hunting sock over them. :whistle:
  11. 4hunting

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    95% sitting! And alot of the time this year it was in lock-on's. When I said easy to walk in I was reffering to them not hurting your ankles. Alot of the boots I have wore over the years fit so stiff around the ankle area they cause mine to hurt after a just a short walk into the stand, these do not do that!
  12. fullcredit

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    One of the best ways of keeping your entire body warm is to keep your head and neck warm. If the brain has to sacrifice something to keep itself warm the extremities are the first to go. Keep that head and neck covered!
  13. QCDually5.9

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    Your feet require a non-constrictive boot in order to keep circulation at a needed level. And age is not your friend when it comes to circulation. If you can't wiggle your toes, you are in for some cold feet. More socks can be counter-productive.

    Studies have shown (with the use of thermal vision) that more heat is lost here than anywhere else. And yet is often times the least protected.

    Both of these guys are right on the money. :up:
  14. tmeredith

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    The best thing I've found is the Lacrosse burly. Like the other guys said leave some air space. It was 19 where I was monday morning and all I had on was my burlys and a pair of wool socks and I stayed out from 6 till almost 10 with no problems.
  15. deltabowhunter

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    Muck boots. My feet sweat so bad that my parents actually took me to the doctor about it when I was little. I just got a pair of woody elites and I love them. I wear a wool sock and am fine but it would be warmer if I also wore one of those wicking socks. I have sat all day in the 20s and 30s with 20+ mph winds and been way more comfortable than with my old Rocky boots.
  16. QCDually5.9

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    You're not alone with foot problems. Those wool socks are the ticket. Wool doesn't lose much of it's 'insulation' value when wet. :up:
  17. A lot of great advice here. Deoderant spray on feet, then a wicking layer socks, then wool, and some wiggle room in the boot/toe area, none too constricting and all should be good for ya.
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  18. 16section mafia

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    mr buddy heater!!!!:whistle:
  19. knighten

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    My buddy has a army issue mummy bag that he used this weekend.We stayed in our climbers all day sunday he stayed warm all day.I stayed semi-warm but the wind was a brute.I think i am going to get one.We are going to figure out how to use it for bowhunting. Kind of like them heater body suits but cheaper.
  20. faithfularcher

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    i buy the sock liners or the thinest i can find and wear them in the truck and walking to my stand . Most of the time i never even need more than that in my MUCKS but i carry a pair of wool socks in my back pack and if its real cold i put them on before i climb up the tree . I use to suffer with cold feet not anymore . I can't remember the last time my feet got cold. I too wear a neck gaiter and a warm hat when it s cold and i am sure that helps. The biggest mistake is most guys feet are sweating before you even get out of the truck then get real sweaty walking in to your stand. With the ultra thin socks i don' t have wet feet anymore. i know this will help your problem . I have several friends do this and they don't have problems anymore. I also have friends who wear the wal- mart bags over their feet in their boots so if they do sweat it stays in the bag and keeps their boots dry .