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Discussion in 'Crossbows' started by shane32, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. shane32

    shane32 Well-Known Member

    What is a good cheap crossbow[SUP][/SUP]
  2. stevefulmer

    stevefulmer Well-Known Member

    Wicked Ridge is reasonably priced. Don't think you can get anything you would want to shoot for less than $300 - $350 IMO. Look for packages that contain bolts, scope, etc...more bang for your buck.

  3. Dermott

    Dermott Well-Known Member

    Shane32, I bought a Wicked Ridge Invader (315 fps) about 2 years ago about only started using it this past turkey season in early April in Kansas. I had, of course, sighted it in and it was easy to sight in and it shoots accurately and has a built in cocking device. Wicked Ridge crossbows are made by TenPoint which many believe is the best Xbow and they look very similar but the TenPoints have a better warranty. You could probably buy 2 Wicked Ridge for the price of 1 TenPoint that would be the equivalent. I believe you would enjoy a Wicked Ridge but get one that shoots at least 300 fps.

    I took a gobbler in April and it truly was a wicked wound! :eek: I am really confident now that I can take a deer at up to 45 yards and plan to buy a non-resident archery deer tag in Missouri for this fall and their archery tag includes 2 any sex turkey tags as well. :rolleyes: Where I plan to hunt has a lot of turkeys so I am anticipating that I will get a shot at a deer and/or turkey this fall. :head:

  4. frogleg

    frogleg Well-Known Member

    I don't think you can use a crossbow in the archery season in MO unless you have some kind of special handicap permit.

    Methods allowed
    •Longbows, compound bows or recurve bows of any draw weight
    •Atlatls, which are defined as a rod or narrow board-like device used to launch, through a throwing motion of the arm, a dart 5 to 8 feet long
    •Hand-held string-releasing devices
    •Illuminated sights, scopes and quickpoint sights

    Methods prohibited
    •A bow fastened to a stock or other device that maintains the bow in a drawn position
    •Any sighting device that casts a beam of light on the game
    •Use of dogs, bait, electronic calls, electronically activated calls or live decoys
  5. Dermott

    Dermott Well-Known Member

    FrogLeg, yes, that is correct but I do have the permit for a crossbow use in Missouri.

    It is odd that they allow Atlatls (a spear? [ame=""][/ame] ) which I would guess would wound a lot of game as it would be inherently less accurate than a crossbow. Maybe a good lobby for the Atlatis or a MDC Commissioner sponsored its use? I know Kansas is in the process of easing some of their restrictions on crossbows and I expect Missouri will as well?

    Also, I do not understand why Missouri does allow killing coyotes during gun deer or turkey seasons? :head:

  6. fisherman505

    fisherman505 Well-Known Member

    I was in the BassPro Outlet in Springfield yesterday and they still have quite a few crossbow packages on sale. I didn't look too closely but I do know that the first time I looked, they had a ton of 10-point Wicked Ridge Xbows. If I remember correctly, they were selling the Wicked Ridge for less than $350. I picked up a 10-point Maverick with an Acudraw cocking mechanism and scope which originally sold for $900 and I got it for $375.

  7. Dermott

    Dermott Well-Known Member

    F505, folks should jump on those deals! Steve
  8. frogleg

    frogleg Well-Known Member

    I would like to see Missouri ease up on it's crossbow regs as well.
  9. scarhead

    scarhead Well-Known Member

    You may want to give David Wyvern at Wyvern creations a call. He hooked me up on a good deal two years ago on a parker crossbow. I think i gave 359 for the entire set-up bow, bolts, scope and all. David is a nice guy and will help you out with any questions you may have and gave me good advise. Just look up wyvern creations for his contact info.
  10. bentonman

    bentonman Well-Known Member

    You got a $900 bow for $375 at Basspro?????
  11. fisherman505

    fisherman505 Well-Known Member

    That is the BassPro Outlet Store. There is already a deer in the freezer because of it. I was in the Outlet just a week or so ago and they still have some 10-Point packages on sale. I didn't pay attention to the models but they had quite a few Wickedridges when I first purchased the Maverick. You can call the Outlet at 417-891-5375 and they'll tell you what they have.

  12. Dermott

    Dermott Well-Known Member

    I have a Wicked Ridge (315 fps but do not recall the model) and even if they do not have the Ten Points at Bass Pro Outlet you won't be disappointed with WR. As far as I can tell, they just do not have a lifetime warranty as the Ten Points do? Right out of the box it shot well and only took a minor adjustment on the Red Dot to zero in perfectly. I can hit bulls eye at 50 yards with the WR. Last spring I took my first archery turkey at 23 yards and hit him exactly where I aimed. :up: :hair: Steve/"Dermott"
  13. Elkhunter

    Elkhunter Well-Known Member

    Great to here you are really enjoying your Wicked Ridge crossbow. My ten point is still going strong.
  14. Dermott

    Dermott Well-Known Member


    How is your health?

    I had a heart procedure (a Stent) April 3 and had to stay home 2 weeks by doctor's orders. However, I am on my way today to Kansas to gun hunt a few days then day after Easter to northern Kansas for Rios for 5 days. Today I am going by myself and am a little nervous about heart -- can't stop living. Steve/"Dermott"
  15. Elkhunter

    Elkhunter Well-Known Member

    Good luck and kill a good one. If you need anything just give a call. Talk when you get back.
  16. Dermott

    Dermott Well-Known Member

    Jim, please see my e-mail. Thx, Steve