Need a Cheasapeake kennel

Discussion in 'Huntin' Dogs' started by Panfish, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Panfish

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    I lost my 14 year old female Chesapeake a year ago. I think I'm finally ready to give it another try. She was my co pilot and best friend. I've been around lots of retrievers and only 1 Cheasapeake. Guys....I only have 1 dog to go by but there was not another dog around that could hold a candle to her!!!! She's caught cripples outta the air. Dove under and came up with em and had blind retrieves I could make a movie about! I could never replace her but I'm a Cheasapeake guy to the bone!

    Does anyone know of a kennel that breeds them?
  2. ursus

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    I'm with you on those chessies. My female is 11 and I wouldn't consider another breed of retriever. Good luck!

  3. Badbassn

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    I think duck band retrievers has one male
  4. malde74

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    Cache river kennels in McCrory.
  5. archeryman.501

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    sunshine kennels. I know they are out of state but that is where my chessies mom and dad are from.
    jade boat 2.JPG
    she is nine months old and weights in at 80#. She is the first chessie I have ever had but I can promise you she wont be the last
  6. longridge

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    I got two dogs back in Feburary one female from Duck Band Retrievers and the male from North Carolina both of course are Chessies. The female has picked up 100 ducks and 15 geese. The male has picked up about 20 ducks. Neither will ever replace my first chessie that I payed $100 dollars. Both of these dogs are equally intelligent. I have worked real hard on both dogs. I even taught them to find sheds which they are awesome doing. I have had chessies for over 20 years. PM me and I can give you some more info if you would like to talk.
  7. yellowlab

    yellowlab Well-Known Member

    Maine...we're most of the cheesies I know are out of
  8. NaturalStateNative

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    I don't know why more people don't own/hunt chessies...the only breed of dog that originated in our country....
  9. longridge

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    Amen to that
  10. If u are still looking personal message me and I can hook u up with an amazing kennel. I got my chessie female from them and after her I am a chessie man but more than likely when she is gone I will never own another retriever. She is that special to me.
  11. rambored

    rambored Well-Known Member

    stay away from the breeder in Oklahoma just south of Tulsa. Puppy mill, very timid female, and very aggressive male. There is a pretty good line down in McGhee. Someone should have a line on them.