NEBRASKA Deer Lease Available for Rest of the Season

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    I am posting this for another member, biggobs.

    Excellent deer lease available for remainder of season in Southwest Nebraska. It is located in Frontier County. 1,800 acres of private land, with about a 50/50 mix of mule deer and whitetail. Only green irrigated wheat for miles, providing a great food source. Property has only been hunted for 3 days this season. 4 hunters gun hunted it and killed a nice whitetail buck and mule deer buck. This area has potential for BIG whitetail and muley bucks.

    Tags are over the counter -
    Black Powder: (Dec. 1 - Dec. 31......Whitetail buck - can purchase 2 tags)
    Archery: (Ends Dec. 31........Whitetail or Muley buck)

    Here is the whitetail killed by biggobs on the property.
    5 1/2 year old
    280 lbs.
    8 point - 135 1/8"

    Price will be a bargain!!! For more information please call or text Brent at (501) 889-4969.