My son's first buck 9 pt

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  1. I posted a thread earlier in the year about my 8 year old son taking his first doe with me. He went with my dad to south Texas over the Christmas school break and killed his first buck. It is a 9pt about 15 inches wide. He shot it out of an elevated blind from 130 yds with a .223. Dropped in its tracks. There were 4 other young kids down there with him and they all scored on 8 pts or better. When I get the film developed, I'll post all the bucks. He's already begging to go back next year!:thumb: His grandpa has to alternate hunts with 5 other grandsons. Only two are old enough to hunt, so we'll just have to wait and see. These are pics taken at my parents once they arrived home Sunday. My 4 year old and 2 year old missed their brother and had to get in the pics too. You can tell my 2 year old is very sick and running a fever, but you couldn't keep him inside!:smack:




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    :thumb: Great pics! It's all about the smile!!:thumb:
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    It looks like he's..I mean they..are hooked for life. Great job young man!
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    He's a beaut!:thumb:
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    Congrats ! Yep that smile tells it all ! Great buck ! :thumb:
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    That is great! Good looking deer and good looking boys!
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    Congrats to the young hunter. Great Deer and good looking youngins.
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    BIG BUCK DOWN....Congrats to you and your son....:thumb:
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    Congrats to the little man and yourself :thumb:
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    nothing beats taking the kids hunting and fishing.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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    Congrats to the young deer slayer! :thumb:

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    Those other two will be out there with big brother in no time. They are so cute!
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    Congrats to the young lad.:thumb:
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    nice buck:thumb:
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    Nice Buck!

    Congrats and good luck next year! :thumb:
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    great buck. congrats!:cool: tell him I said googd job!