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    shot my first deer with a rage this time last year after after loosing wat would of been my biggest buck ever with a muzzy. Im not puttin muzzy down it was my fault i hit him a little bit back. even though i knew it was my fault in the back of my head i just didnt have the confidence with them like i used to have. my buddy let me borrow a rage one afternoon and i went out and killed a nice seven point. shot him at 17 yards quartering away. went in behind front shoulder and busted right out the middle of the other one. he dropped right there never moved and i was hooked from then on. last weekend a doe came out at 20 yrds i shot nailed here right in the front shoulder. in my mind i thought she was dead for sure. climbed down found my arrow and noticed it had only penetrated about three inches. there was no blood or no hair anywhere to be seen on the ground. by the way i shoot a Hoyt CRX 32 at 28 inch draw 70# if your wondering. well the followin mornin i went back out there and shot another doe hit here a bit back. went home and gave her 5 hours before lookin (had to pick up family at little rock airport). tracked her for what seemed like a mile before finally seeing her bedded dwn at 30 yrds lookin at me. i knocked an arrow shot again right behind shoulder ran bout 100 yards and fell over and layed there for 45 minutes before finally dieing i could see her the whole time and as she was running she had guts dragging the ground from first shot. after gutting her i seen where i had clipped one lung, through the liver, and came out about 6 inches in front of the ham. not the best shot i admit but i still dont believe she should of ran that far. after cleaning her i went back with my gps and from my stand it was just over 8 hundred yrds and thats just a strait shot not including all her twist and turns. after only three deer rage has showed me the good. the bad, and the ugly with there broadheads. but after this weekend im going to make a switch i dont know what to but i am. just curious has anyone else had the bad, or ugly experiences with these. im sure plenty of you have had good ones and im not saying they suck. maybe just a faulty package? idk?
  2. I tried them and did not like them. They are not a bad broadhead but I just didn't like them. So I tried ulmers edges. I absolutely love them. If you are thinking about switching take a look at them. I am a die hard Grim Reaper fan and told myself I would try something new. Now all my arrows have ulmers edges on them. If I ever loose confidence in them I will go back to grim reapers.

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    With bad shots no bh will perform. I much prefer fixed.
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    X2. I've shot three deer this year with Rages. 2 with the 3 blade and 1 with the 2 blade chisel tip. Both of the three blade deer got passthroughs. The 2 blade penetrated about 8 inches. The next day after shooting the deer with the 2 blade, I saw that my serving had come loose below my d loop, causing my d loop to rise. I had adjusted my sights several times before seeing this, and I'm pretty sure thats why I had little penetration. Boold trails have been minimal at best, but all deer have died within 75 yards. Internal damage has been massive, with the 2 blade Rage cutting 1 lung in half. All that being said, I'm not a fan of mechanical heads. I do prefer a fixed broadhead, but when the arrow is put in the right place, almost any head will do. One thing about the shots I've taken, all deer have been broadside. I refuse to take a shot I'm not 100% confident in. I'm not sure what you expect the broadhead to do, but you wouldn't have been better off with a fixed blade with a smaller cutting diameter. One more thing, if you bow isnt tuned properly, no braodhead will perform well.

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    Get you some swacker 2 inch cut broad heads, you'll thank me later.
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    If you wont a big cut go with slick trick grizz2. You will not be sorry. As far as rage I dont shoot them but my son did. Lets just say we are not impressed. He is now useing grizz2 also.
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    I shot one with a Rage Xtreme 2.3" this year. The deer only ran 70 yards or so but the penetration was horrible. This buck was quartering away from me and even though the shot looks a little far back the arrow went straight into lungs. I got maybe 5" of penetration on a quartering away shot and the broadhead was mangled beyond fixing. I immediately traded them off and even feel bad for trading them know that someone else is going to use them on deer. Buck 2012.jpg
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    Magnus stinger is the best. Works well every time as long as I do my part. Almost always passes through.
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    I'm with h-33 here.. Ive been a muzzy fan for 10yr, but started out goin out west 3yr ago so wanted to try something for the long shots. The first year I tried the rages, didn't like the penatration, the blades bent on every shot or broke, I shot 3 deer with them that year an on 2 of them at least one blade didn't even open SO I go back to my muzzys!! This year I'm shooting the shwackers, I am HOOKED so far..4 deer down all less than 100yd!!! View attachment 30497 this does was 55yd quartin to me, now I was in a blind, not a stand.. BH logged in other shoulder View attachment 30498 this is entry!! Well that BH is still in my quiver after being put into 2 deer, can't load that pic tho, but four deer with blood trails a blind man could follow!!
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    Continued:ATTACH]30499[/ATTACH]this is after the first doe View attachment 30500 this same head after second doe
    Mite would've still been useing the first BH if I hadn't miss judge a buck an broke it on his horn!!!
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    I know everyone so far is probably talking about compound bows, but I tried the standard 2-blade 125 grain Rage with my crossbow this year. I shot 2 bucks early this season. The first one was a 15 yard shot slightly quartering toward me. I hit him in the shoulder and got less than 3" penetration. The arrow fell out after 15 yards and I got no blood anywhere on the ground. The second buck was also 15 yards broadside. I hit him right behind the shoulder and still got maybe 5" of penetration. The arrow fell out after 50 yards and we followed blood for over half a mile before it ran out. I expected more out of broadheads after shooting them that close with 150# of draw weight behind them. I have since put up the crossbow for the year and brought out the compound with 100 gr muzzy's.
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    I have had good success with rage, and I have expounded on that a number of times before - so I won't do that now. I tried a bunch of different broadheads last year shooting hogs, and did some penetration tests on dead hogs - and without fail, the three blade will out perform the two blade in both penetration and durability.
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    Rage broadheads give the bowhunter some of the worst penetration qualities known to broadheads. This isn't new news - everyone knows it. Mechanicals should go back to being illegal IMO

    LOL .... and heavier arrows go faster than light arrows too I guess ? The more blades, the better the penetration huh ? A 12 blade broadhead would REALLY penetrate awesome then huh ?

    Some of the stuff I read cracks me up
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    I don't want to come off as a ***** but...

    To the OP;
    It sounds like there were two marginal shot placements. The one you did shoot qtr away died in his tracks. You can search for the perfect broad head all day long but your time will be better spent sticking one quality head and practicing during that time.

    Again, you may be the best shot on the planet or you may be a beginner, I don't know, just throwing that out there
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    I shot muzzys for years, 125 grain. I had several really good hits and marginal blood trails. So, I decided to try the rage, 2 blade. Shot 8 deer and seemed pretty good. I found all 8, and not all perfect hits. I have since shot 4 other deer, and have not been impressed with blood trail. Once again not perfect hits, but hits that should have produced a decent traiul. Seems has if the blades were grabbing the guts and plugging the exit wound. Lost one really good buck. I still had some muzzys and went back to them. Killed a nice 10 with the muzzy. I'm kind of lost. I do not intend to go back to mechanicals. Been reading good endorsements on this forum of the slick tricks, probably will buy some of them. I bought some muzzy phathoms, but couldn't get them to fly straight.
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    From my experience, penetration is more a function of overall broadhead diameter than being a fixed blade or mechanical. I shot the Grizztricks on some penetration tests and they performed just slightly better than the mechancals. They are slightly smaller. I finally got some of the Ulmer Edge mechanicals and they penetrated as well as some of the fixed blades. But, they have a much smaller cutting surface. Number of blades is not really that important. Some of the fixed four blades get better penetration than some of the fixed three blades. Penetration is a function of a number of broadhead characteristics, but in general, it is overall diameter. Even though the three blade rage has slightly more cutting surface than the two blade, I believe the two blade rage is more likely to contact bone, slowing the arrow - and decreasing penetration. The Ulmer Edge gets better penetration than other mechanicals and some fixed blades I shot. But, you must remember the cutting surface on the Ulmer is 1.5". Some fixed blades will provide a greater cutting surface than that. I use a mechanical to provide a greater cutting surface, and in my opinion, the Ulmer does not really provide a cutting surface advantage over the fixed blades. Not only do broadheads perform differently due to design, they perform differently based upon arrow weight, arrow speed, point of impact, etc. You need to tailor your broadhead to best match your equipment and hunting style. Unfortunately, most hunters do not have the opportunity to shoot enough game to really understand how their equipment performs.
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    do you agree the more surface cutting inches a braodhead has - the more energy is takes to accomplish the same distance cut ?

    that should be physics 101 right?
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    Let me say first......all mechanicals are not created equal and IMO rage are junk. Their success rate has much to be desired. Everything is inversely proportional with penetration vs cutting diameter. The notion of cutting surface not being as relevant to cutting diameter is ludicrous, and a truly ignorant statement. Have you not seen the T3 "chunk" commercial?

    A solid well built head coupled with a well placed shot works best. "Solid well built head" is for the unfortunate circumstances that will occur if you bowhunt on a regular basis.

    I've shot a ton of critters over the past 13 years of exclusively bowhunting, and up until recent well over 90% were killed with a elaborate tapestry of fixed blade heads. The past two seasons I have had exceptional results with several Grim Reaper heads, and don't look to change anytime soon.
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    Also the sharpness of the blade can change the amount of energy needed to, the sharper the cutting edge the less the energy it takes to cut through. I sharpen my own Rage blades and even check out the new ones and if they do not pass the rubber band test get broke down and resharpen till they do.
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    I agree with the Grim Reaper statement. Every deer I've shot with a Reaper has die within sight except for one which was completely my fault and it still only made it 150 yards after I pushed it tracking it. I really have no complaints about them. The best broadhead on the market imo.