my new squirrel dog!

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    IRONHIDE Well-Known Member

    Ok guys your not gonna believe this but i have about a year 1/2 old lab mix with some hound? yea idk looks full lab. This dog lives for treeing squirrels. I am fixing to take him to a few places i know where there are a bunch of rats! Im still confused on how a lab can be a squirrel dog!
  2. englishdawgs

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    Stranger things have happened but you said he has some hound in him. That could be where he gets it from. But as we all know a lab is one of the smartest breeds there are. Heck you can teach almost any dog to tree. If you think he will hunt as is not gun shy I would say have at it you might have you a gooden. In the end it doesnt matter what kind of dog it is as long as it trees and you like it.

  3. SalineRiver

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    When I was a kid we had an Austrailian shepherd that was a crackerjack squirrel tree'r. Some dogs just hate em no matter what they were bred for.
  4. kendract

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    I have 2 dogs. They are dachshund/beagle mix. They are 28 and 27 pounds each. They listen very well and are very well trained. We never tried to teach them nothin about squirrels but if they see one, I no longer exist! Them 2 girls will stay on that thing! I was thinking about using them to squirrel hunt when I go back to Louisiana. They used to stay in my mom's backyard and killed at least 2 squirrels that we knew of. My girls. :)

    IRONHIDE Well-Known Member

    im plannin a trip when it stops raining..... i will keep a camera close and keep everyone informed. we will see how good he is!
  6. angus

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    I have a high bred dog from championship stock, and all I got to say is; so far she is just a big ole'...Biscuit eater!! So, you never know!!! But she is still a pup, and whats more,...she's mine. Congrats on your dog!!!
  7. Dixiehunter

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    I've had some dogs that look good early but are just pets now. I have 2 males that started slow but can get it done now!:biggrin:
  8. Hudson

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    I had a rottweiler that would tree squirrels. I think it learned from the rat terrier I had at the time, but now I have dachshund that hates squirrels but my wife is afraid he will get lost in the woods and not come back (her pet). I think he is too small for a tracking collar.
  9. timv

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    Dad told me when he was a kid they had a one-eyed german shepard that was a good squirrel dog.
  10. Tink

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    I had a yellow lab when she got to old for duck hunting I took her tree ninja hunting. She was a good at seeing befor I would an tree to I hated when she pass away.
  11. Arkie_3_fan

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    The best squirrel dogs we've ever had were border collies.
    We've even had a dachshund that would tree the mess out of squirrels.
    Now we have 4 dogs and not a one that will tree. :smack: