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my "new" boat

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1997 Charger Foxfire 395TF - 1997 200 HP Johnson Venom

I've never had a boat like this, recently I've been wanting a boat to take the wife and 2 kids out on (9 and 7 years old) and my 7 year old son is wanting to fish.

I had a couple of bass boats when I was younger, smaller 16'-17' Bass Cats and some of my most vivid and special memories are from fishing and playing on the lakes with my family and friends.

So even though the economy sucks, and my job unstable, and as much as it doesn't make sense to buy this boat, buy it I did as of last night assuming everything works out well in the deal and the boat runs well when I pick it up Saturday.

My uncle fishes Charger boats, loves 'em, this is a 19.5" boat, big, takes rough water easy - by far the nicest boat I've ever owned. I paid $7500 for it, this economy makes it a nice buyers market, the condition and all I thought that was a nice price.

Thought ? I'm tickled to death !
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great lookin boat ! sounds like a great deal too !
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