my nephews 1st buck

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    one of those it feels great but at the same time i feel like a looser of a dad moments
    so my daughter has hunted her butt off since the youth hunt and she missed a decent 1st buck (i posted the story in an earlier thread) but her and my wife feel snake bit, my wife cant see a legal deer and my daughter cant seem to see any, they both are feeling kinda down and out. my wife had seen a decent cowhorn spike on stand saturday and he had been comming in about every other day according to the camera, so monday morning i told her to take my daughter with her and let my daughter shoot the spike and for my wife to shoot anything "legal" she wanted, i would take my nephew to another stand and maybe we could kill a hog or something, i really wasnt expecting much as no one had seen a deer in a few days except for the spike on saturday.
    so me and my nephew go to our spot we get situated, get the snacks out, his nintendo ds, a bttle of water, and we start our hunt and about 7:50-8:00 i look down and this spike comes wondering up the logging road, i get him settled in he's pant'n and begg'n "can i shoot now?" i replied "nope not yet he's not broadside", this goes on for 10-15min FINALLY he turns broadside i tell him where i want the crosshairs on the deer. i said "he broadside so whenever your...BOOOOOM ready shoot" LOL
    1 shot about 45-50yds 7mm08 dropped dead in his tracks! i feel good about being there to experience it with him and he made me proud in fact i teared up a lil bit, but at the same time i felt kinda bad because i wanted my daughter to shoot get 1, after all she has put sometime in on a deer stand

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    I know the feeling. My son always hunts hard. A few years back, he had been hunting really hard. He had seen a nice buck a few times and had to pass because he didn't have a good shot. He was really frustrated. He had only killed two deer ever and neither had antlers. My cousin who used to hunt with me, wanted to bring his nephew hunting, so we put him on a stand and gave him instructions on deer movement and what to do if he shot, etc. Well, about 8:00-8:30 we heard a shot, then another. From where I hunt, it could have been either of them. I really hoped my son had gotten his first buck. When I got over to the area they were hunting, My cousin's nephew had downed the buck my son had been seeing, 120+ inch 9 point, and a doe! It was his first and only time to ever to hunt this property with us. My son (and wife) were so frustrated! He all but quit hunting that year. He finally killed his first antlered deer this year, a 6pt. I felt so bad for him, but excited for the other boy all at the same time. That's hunting and you never know. Congratulations to your nephew.

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    Congrats to the little man!!! Sounds like a wonderful hunt and good time spent with family...:up:
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    it was fun and he sat quieter than i thought he would for someone that's only been once before, he thinks he's jim shockey now, been 2x's seen deer both times LOL

    im gonna concentrate on my daughter and wife puttn meat in the freezer now!
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    That's how hunting goes sometimes. It's even difficult for us not to get frustrated when it goes like that. We all know guys who don't put in much time, but seem to carry a sackful of luck when it comes to hunting. Congrats to your nephew. Your daughter will get hers, it'll happen soon.
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    Congrats to the young man!! Excellent shootin!!:up: Tell your daughter to hang in there, she will get one!!