My In-Laws Voted For Hillary Because......

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by .270Win, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. .270Win

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    Ok, my in-laws voted last week (early vote) for Hitlery.....but in their minds they actually voted against Obama. It is their opinion that none of the Republicans have a chance at the presidency, so instead of wasting their votes on any of the Republicans they voted for Hitlery hoping to keep Obama from winning Arkansas.

    As a die-hard Republican....I can't fault her for this because I also think there's a 90% chance a Dem will win the election. Why do I think this? There is no way in hell McCain or Romney will beat Hitlery or Obama, period. If you think otherwise you're living in a dream world.

    What is your strategy tomorrow? Let's hear it...if you know how a R can beat the D's this year tell me what I'm missing! :smack:

  2. JR

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    Man I just don't know. I do not really like any of these candidates. I guess that I would vote for any Republican, before I would vote for any of those "DemonCraps".

  3. Hudge

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    Ron Paul! He's the only left I like. I guess I could live with Romney or Huck, but I am not a McCain fan. Lord help us if the Dems win. Too bad Bill Richardson did not do better as a Democrat.
  4. Mule man

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    I'm crossing over to vote for Ossama. I think Hitler would be harder to beat in November. JMO
  5. I could never do that. I like living and my Dad would take me out back and expend a 22 round into my skull.
  6. John Stiles

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    Ron Paul:thumb:
  7. I don't really think ......even for the good of the country .........I could cast a vote for Hillary!
    call me paranoid or nuts.......but I look at her and think she might just be the anti christ!!!!!!!

    folks the thought of her in the oval office scares me!

    The same for Obama ..........he can profess his christianity all He wants.......He can talk the crap all he wants...........but He is a wolf in sheeps skin.
  8. TheBattman

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    My plan is to vote for Ron Paul. My thinking is thus:

    1. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that has never wavered in his position. They call him Dr. No in Washington DC for a reason - he has never voted for a federal budget that was out of balance, never voted for a tax increase, and has never voted anti-gun. While I don't agree with him on some issues, I have no doubts what he would stand for as president. He would be a known quantity.

    2. While I don't think RP can win by any stretch, I see my vote primarily as a protest vote against all the other establishment Republicans.

    3. Romney- while I am struggling to get past his Mormonism, I am really having a hard time getting past his record (regardless of what his stated current position is). He was so pro-abortion that he mandated it as part of the socialized medical system he put in place in Mass. He campaigned for Gov of that state on an anti-gun platform.

    4. McCain - I thank him for his service to this country while in the Air Force. But I don't trust him - I am nearly convinced that he is either a NVC mole, or just suffered serious brain damage while a POW. Top that off - he was actually nearly selected as the running mate for John Kerry in 2004! he also was one of two repub. Senators who were slated to defect to the Democrats in 2001 - but Jeffords beat him to the punch, so he stayed a Repub. He is pro-amnesty for illegals, and wrong on many other issues as well.

    5. Huckabee - for those of us who lived through his 10 years as Governor... no explanation needed. He is a pro-gun, Pro-life liberal. He is for bigger government, government mandated bans on fats, tobacco, and for government medical care (socialized medicine). While he has fairly recently "converted" to being against amnest and for enforcement of immigration laws, his record is quite different including saying of those of us against free scholarships and in-state tuition for illegals "you must drink a different kind of Jesus jucie than me". I don't trust him. My taxes went WAY up under Huckabee.

    As far as the General Election- Here is how I plan to vote based on the following match-ups:

    Hillary or Obama vs. McCain - I will vote for a 3rd party
    Hillary or Obama vs. Huckabee - I will probably vote 3rd party
    Hillary or Obama vs. Romney - Will probably hold my nose and vote for Romney (or 3rd party)

    Now - I heard an interesting idea on the Elswick show this afternoon - a caller said he was going to vote for Hillary - because he felt that she was more beatable than Obama. She didn't help that with her release of her "health care plan"... She actually specifically says that those who choose to not take out health insurance (either the socialized system or private), that she would garnish their wages for the cost!!!! That by itself could be enough to cook her goose! But I just don't know that I could vote for her, even as part of an "Vast right Wing conspiracy".

    Oh - another theory I have heard - the US NEEDS a Hillary or Obama president - to wake up the the Republican Party (or to finish it off so a new Party can emerge that actually cares about conservatives). I just worry how much damage can be done in 4 years.....
  9. Matt_W

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    I agree for the most part. Blaming Huckabee for the mess he inherited is not an accurate assessment of his abilities. One might look at Bilary.

    One thing to not, McCain is an Annapolis graduate (near the bottom of his class), and a naval aviator. The Navy actually flies more missions than the Air Force. Go Navy!!
  10. .270Win

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    Brother, God knows I hear what you're saying. I could never see myself voting FOR Hitlery. However, I honestly think Obama could be the real Ant-Christ. He's come out of nowhere, seems to be perfect, says all the right things, and has won so much of the public over in such a short time I have to be suspicious. Everyone has known Hitlery for years, no surprise attack, so to speak. It's just a damn shame that most demoncraps will not recognize either one for what they could actually be. :rolleyes:

    No matter what happens in the elections, make sure your heart is right with the Lord beforehand. And I need to listen to my own advise in this situation....because I'm not so sure.

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  11. I ain't got a clue who to vote for. they all suck, nobody is even close to my views, except maybe ron paul, but he seems rather crazy at times.

    obama and hillary will take this country down the drain faster than a turd in the toliet
  12. Trapper

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  13. .270Win

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    You'd better think real hard about what you're about to do. This isn't a normal election where we'll "get over" whatever your Bible before you go to the booth tomorrow.

  14. And again we agree:thumb:
  15. Mule man

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    Ah .270, Hitler is a shoo in to win Arkansas tomorrow, no way Osamma will carry this state-not even close. Now California might be different. I'm just happy I can vote against her 2 tomes this year. These are my votes for Pres. since I was 18 in 1972. Nixon (I'd do it again:razz: ), Ford (almost pulled the trigger for Carter but didn't), Reagan, Reagan, Bush 1, Dole, Bush, Bush. I'm starting to see a pattern. I would vote for GW again over this bunch we have this year if I had the chance.:wink:
  16. The whole mess of em scare me.
  17. Down on the White

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    I will vote Republican that is one vote against the hitlery and obama. I personally feel if either one gets elected we will be in a world poop.:eek:
  18. Gooch

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    So does the date December 21 2012 mean something to you? This person will be in office at that time.
  19. Bruin

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    A republican vote is a vote against both of the anti-christ. (Hiltery and Osamma) Please think before wasting a vote on a third party. This election is too important to waste a vote.
    Do what is RIGHT! Vote Republican.
  20. johnf

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    And lets not forget the all-important supreme court appointment that will likely happen.

    I remember about 9 years ago and then again about 5 years ago when everyone was saying there was no way a Republican could win.

    If your votes not going to count (3rd party) why make the effort? Do you want your children's futures to be based on California and New York's morals? Do you want your guns registered so they can be more easily taken? Do your children to be taught that same sex marriage is just "another lifestyle". Do you want to pay for every lazy person in the cities to live so they won't have to work?

    If you answered yes, please vote 3rd party.