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  1. Last week me and my dad spent monday evening through friday morning hunting Big Timber WMA. We had a lot of fun together and meet a very interesting fellow hunter out there. We were not able to make it happen with the deer though. In those four days we saw 4 deer total. Three of them while we were driving and one small buck that was to small to shoot. I had a lot of help from Doekilla on places to hunt while i was there and i really appreciate his help.
    I think we just went to late in the season and plus all of the hot weather really had the deer moving at night. We may plan another trip next year during muzzel loader season since our permits are good until next november. I was hoping to bring back pictures of many does kills while we were there but that is how hunting goes. I am just thankful i got to spend a week with my dad deer hunting.
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    Weather messed it up pretty good. Yeah it's nice ta be out an about. Whether you kill one/see one or not/ or watch other stuff. Good hunting companions and good times(no matter how simple) ends up being more important. The older & more crippled up I get, the more the people and place means ta me. :clap:

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    Glad you had a good time