My Honda's Sick!

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    Woe is me! My Honda has let me down! Went out this evening and the thing will not start for anything. I may have got a hold of some water-laden fuel, but I do not know. 2006 Honda Rincon 680, it's been a real good machine up til tonight! Wanted to play in the snow, but it will not hit a lick. Anybody with any experience working on these, I need some Info!!!:banghead:
  2. you may have flooded it. Put the choke on and hold the gas down all the way. See if that helps. Also check your airfilter and make sure its not clogged up in any way. If those don't help PM me and we can go from there.

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    Been as cold as its been, if it was stored outside, you could have frozen water in fuel lines. Not hitting a lick normally results from no fuel delivery.

    Pull the plug and check spark.

    I'd recommend some stabil or water removing additive if its gonna be outside much.
  4. John Stiles

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    Open the screw drain in the bottom of the float bowl if it has one, and let out whatevers in there till good clear fuel emerges.
  5. huskyman

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    I'm back, had to eat a bite! I don't think I flooded it, it has fuel injection, so no choke, just turn the key and hit start button. It's been kept inside my shop, and I've had the heat on all evening, 70 degrees in there before I came on down to the house. I pulled the air-filter off and it's pretty clean, I don't get the thing too dirty. It only has several hundred miles on it, 700-800 maybe, I've owned it for three years and it has never been left outside, only had it in the mud once! I run super-unleaded in it at the dealers' direction, but the 680 has so much compression, it is hard on the battery to let it turn over for more than just a few seconds. I appeciate any help on this thing, a BIG thanks from me!:thumb:
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    also put a charger on it or jumper cables. even though it is turning over, as cold as it is, it may not be spinning over fast enough to crank.
  8. huskyman

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    I'll pull the plug tomorrow and see if it is fouled out, looked like it was gettin spark, just no fuel delivery! First fuel-injection quad I've ever owned, pretty nice when its all working good. We have an old 1986 fourtrax 300, and I don't think it will ever give up, it's like the Energizer bunny, it just keeps going,and going, and going. You can go get on that '86 on the coldest day of the year, pull the choke, hit start, and the thing will bomb off every time. The reliability of Honda's always amazed me, I hope my Rincon has little wrong with it!:shrug:
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    Very common thing alot of folks overlook, check the emergency kill switch up on the handlebar by the start button to see if it is still in the run position. Very easy to push it over to the kill position and not notice this.
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    I have done that myself, nothing makes you feel as goofy as giving your wheeler a good cursing for not starting then realize you had the kill switch turned off, flip it on and fires right off :smack:
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    I plead guilty as charged... :biggrin:
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    I bought a Triumph 650 once from the club, that wouldn't run, looked like it was getting fuel and fire[$350]. Took it home and took the kill switch apart and there was a bigole dead spider in there. Cleaned that up and she blasted right of first kick.:up:
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    I did that just the other day:smack: Cranked and cranked on it never would fire, looked down and realized the kill switch was just a tad bit off the run postition:up:
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    Kill switch was the first thing I checked, because I have done that before!:doh: I did put a starter/charger to the battery to give it a little extra boost. I believe its getting fire, I'm goin to check the fuel as soon as I get off of work. Our service stations around here are renoun for having water in their bulk tanks, so I'm afraid that is where the problem lies. I may just drain the tank, check the sparkplug, and start all over. I did run it until it was low on fuel a few days ago, before I tanked it up, don't reckon it's clogged a fuel filter somewhere do ya!:head::banghead:
  16. John Stiles

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    There is probly a strainer in the hafta remove the valve on most models to get to it....does your tank lid have a switch to close the vent? Maybe thats in the off position.:shrug: Almost forgot....most tank valves work on vacuum from the engine...but I'm too old to know how the FI models work. But on the older models, no vacuum, no fuel.
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    OK, not the switch, but do make sure it is firing. If it is fuel related one easy way to check if it is fuel related, take the top off of the breather, remove the air filter, take a squirt bottle filled with gas(DO NOT USE STARTING FLUID) & squirt some into the intake. Crank & see if it starts & runs until the fuel is gone. If it does, Ing. most likey OK, then go to fuel issues. If it does not start when this is done you may have other issues, Ing or Compression related. If not firing the EFI will not work. The system is Ingnition based thus without spark no prompt if given to the computer to tell it to work. On the EFI system you should hear the fuelpump cycle (Humming) when you turn on the key. You should also hear the injector open(clicking) & close to prime & charge the system. When this happens it throws fuel into the engine for crank up. If do not hear either of these it could be a blown fuse in the fuse box.
  18. I thought I had a Rincon manual for that year but I only have a 2003. They had carbs that year.I will look around and see if I can find one.
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    you might also look at the fuse box and make sure none are blown. im sure there is some kinda fuse for the fuel injection.
  20. huskyman

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    Viola! Problem solved! Checked all fuses, pulled the plug and replaced it. The plug did not look to bad, but I figured it would not hurt to change it out. Drained the tank and fuel filter canister, fuel filter looked fine. Blew it from inside to out with compressed air, reassembled everything, give her a fresh tank of hopefully SUPREME gas, hit the starter, and shazzam, purred like a kitten. Ran it for about a hour and a half with no problems whatsoever. I would like to thank everyone for their imput, I'm a welder not a mechanic, and sometimes a simple Briggs and Stratton can make me a Gomer Pyle. I had an old small engine mechanic told me one time " Pull the starter rope three times, if it don't start, don't keep pullin' on it, find out whats the matter. If you have fuel, air, compression, and spark, you'll have a :censored: explosion!" Found that to be true on many occasions! Once again THANKS ya'll:up: