My homemade small game broadheads

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  1. WEll, money is tight in this sweet economy, and I wanted to try out some ideas I got on making my own homemade small game heads instead of spending 8.00 on some cheap broadheads from WalMart, LoL. Guess I just needed to break in a vice, and grinder a buddy just gave me yesterday. Anyway, I heard a lot about just adding a washer to field tips, but I had a little hard time finding a washer with a correct sized hole that wouldn't slide around. I knew I wanted something more than just a regular washer and had a thought about some pronged nuts. I found some perfect pronged nuts at tractor supplr for .79 cents for 3, but they had a collar on them instead of being flat with prongs. They are officially 1/4-20x5/16th and fit my tips perfectly without any play. Of Course the collar on them was keeping me from screwing my field tip in all the way, so i took the grinder to it, filed and cleaned up the edges, and the pics show you the result. Since it's dark, I'll have to post later how they fly. The other was the same type of washer but called T-Nuts Brad Hole, same size as above. Basically a washer with 3 holes in it instead of teeth. They cost .79cents also. Of course, my arrows came with field points, so other than a little time, my total cost for small game heads was only about 3 dollars. Hope the pics do them justice, just hope they fly straight for 20yds. Varmints BEWARE!!!
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    Pretty cool! How do they fly?
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    They look great. Amazing idea!
  6. I'll post how they fly come next week when I get back to SWLA, I'll be in Jonesboro this weekend visiting the wife's friends and family. Wish I could talk her into letting me go up to Horseshoe Bend to check my camera and plot..etc.......but she knows if I get to go up there, i'll be wanting to work on my food plot instead of spending time shmoozing with family.....of which only one other feels my
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    Veddy good idea. Can't wait to hear how they fly.
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    I like "Do it your selfer's".

  9. Just shot them. dead on flying straight at 20 yards. no damage to the heads into the target or coming out. WoooooHooooooooooooo!!!
  10. That is really cool eaglet! Looks like it would be pretty good squirrel and rabbit medicine!