My dog is sick!

Discussion in 'Ask the Vet' started by kendract, Dec 29, 2010.

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    I am taking her to the vet in an hour but I wanted to get opinions. This is my first time owning a dog on my own. I have 2 dogs, both are about 3-5 years old. I got them from my parents about a month ago and they don't remember how old they are. :smack:

    They are both girls, from the same litter. Half dachshund, half something else that we never found out (but I think it's Beagle). Names are Gretchen and Heidi.

    I just took a holiday trip back to Louisiana for 9 days total and took my girls with me. When I got back Sunday night, Gretchen kept me up all night with throwing up and diarrhea. Monday and Tuesday she seemed to be getting better except she wouldn't eat but half of what she normally eats. Last night she kept me up again. I kept having to take her out. I took her out 3 different times, each an hour apart. It was obvious her stool was liquid. It was dark and I hadn't my glasses on so I never paid attention. This morning, she went again and there was blood right after. :frown:

    My poor baby! I scheduled an appointment for 10 a.m. Anybody had similar actions in their dogs before? I guess I just want reassurance that she's going to be okay. Her behavior isn't really different, besides the amount she eats.
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    How in the heck do I take a stool sample for my vet?

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    If you remember Abby ( my Lab ) was kinda doing the same thing. She was not eating and had diarrhea. I do remember coughing up a hair ball from the deer leg I gave her ( no more I wont ). Did you dog eat something out of the norm? Or maybe you did not see that your dog did? As far as a stool sample, I think you should have got some rubber gloves and place it in a zip lok bag or a sealable container. Dogs I feel like humans can get some infections as we do. Upset Stomach? After giving her Kaopectate and moderating how much she ate we got past this. Also, change in a diet, one brand to another, will effect this. I have been told this too. I don't think it is much to it. It will be ok. Good luck.:up:
  4. There is another recall on dog food. I believe there is some in the Little Rock area. This was dated 12-18-10.

    I can post a url, so copy and paste in you address bar
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    Thanks. He gave me some pills to give her twice a day and told me to also give her a very small dosage of Immodium as well. She was acting pretty normal and playful and she's really good about not getting into anything she's not supposed to. I make sure of that. I don't feed them table food, only dog food. Every now and then I'd give them a small something but I hadn't recently. He took a stool sample while I was there. I hadn't changed their food either. I really think it was the stress of traveling. I took her with me on the 9 day trip to Louisiana and we went to a LOT of places so yea. But anyway. he told me that if she gets worse by Friday to call them if they are open. He was filling in for the regular doctor there so he didn't know their hours. However, he thinks it'll clear up soon with the medication. :thumb:
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    Glad you caught that! However, I use Beneful but I do buy it at Kroger. Glad it's not that.
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    Good deal.:up: