My Christmas Remodel

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by jcp, Jan 5, 2011.

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    I live in a 90 + yr old house , the first bathroom was added in the 50's and it was falling in around us. So I took off work the week after Christmas and had 8 days to gut all the way down to the joist and rebuild it back. My future BIL and myself went to work tearing out on Dec 25 @ 5 pm , we laid the vinyl floor Jan 2 @ 2:30. This room was actually two , a laundry (4 x 9) and bath 5 x 9 , now we have a 9 x 9 bath / laundry. I have been around construction my whole life ,, I'm a plumber by trade , seen all this done for 20+ yrs but never done it all on my own. A buddy was supposed to faux paint a coupla walls but got sick so we even did that , and surprisingly it turned out pretty cool for painting with trash bags ! Here's some pics bath remodel
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    Good job. Man redoing a bathroom if tough to work around. Trying to create something of your own in an existing space takes some extra thought to make it all fit like you want. :up: