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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by tkaysnow, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. tkaysnow

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    So I killed an awesome buck that I would really like to show off, but I don't have a clue as to how to put the pictures on here. They are on my phone. I never post, I just read all of y'alls posts. He is worth seeing. Can any of you guys help me with this please. Thanks
  2. tkaysnow

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    I wasn't able to open the private message. I may have to wait until I'm at home.

  3. turkeyhunter

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  4. Terrym72

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    On i phone , hit the + sign in top right corner the add image
  5. Passthrough

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    Here it is. Very nice.


  6. tkaysnow

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    Thanks. They will be posted shortly.
  7. kmc06005

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    You're killing me smalls...

  8. kmc06005

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    I love big 8 points, Congrats!
  9. widow maker

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    awsome is a small word compaired to that hoss, congratulations on a dandy deer
  10. tkaysnow

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    Well......I hate to brag, but he is a hoss of a deer! Thanks. Logan county buck on public land. I happened to be in the right place at the right time. My husband was proud. He was hunting out of town for the weekend, (of course). He came home early to see him..LOL
  11. gbeshears

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    Awesome! That's a goodern!!
  12. swamphuntr

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  13. mikebri

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    Great deer, congrats
  14. Meathunter

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    Congratulations on that MONSTER. How much did that big boy weigh? I SURE HOPE YOU TOLD YOUR HUSBAND YOU WHERE SET UP IN ONE OF HIS NORMAL HONEY HOLES.
  15. tkaysnow

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    He weighed (guess) between 180 and 190. When I started out that morning I wasn't sure where I was going. I had not hunted that spot yet, actually for a couple of years. It is a beautiful place, so I thought atleast I would have some good scenery.......and I did! I will have to say that it is public land, but does join some private and he did come out from the private. Nobody hunts it, so I wasn't intruding on anyone. I just wish I had put on make up and fixed my hair!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  16. gregrn43

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    Thats a dandy, congraulations
  17. AR_deerslayer

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    thats a stud ..congrats!
  18. hortonhunter

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    Congratulations on a awesome buck :up: