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My 1st Bowshot at a buck - I just missed!

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Ok, I know i'm about to catch hell from ya'll, but here goes. I got a brand new Ol Man Alumalite CTS climbing stand for Christmas. Took it out the other day to try it out. Now big fat boys aren't made for climbing trees, but here goes. I'm not really expecting to see anything. Just really going to try out my new stand. My buddy stays there with me while I climb the tree just to make fun of me. We are talking loud and making all kinds of noise. While climbing, i asked him if I was 18' up yet. He stood up and his nose was at my feet. He said no, you're about 5 1/2 feet off the ground. So anyway I eventually made it up there about 18'. He left and I tried to get comfortable. I really like the stand, but I didn't put enough angle on it when I hooked it on the the tree, so the foot platform sloped down some. Pretty awkward - lesson learned. I sat there anyway just to hang out and get used to it - again not really expecting to see anything.

Within 30 minutes - crunch, crunch, cruch :brows: over my left shoulder. I look back and it is a little 4 point. Not shootin', but i'm happy to see something! It gets up dead even with me; looks me in the eyes like what the hell is that thing up in that tree??? - and keeps mozying on. Just a few seconds later - crunch, crunch, crunch I figured he was paired up with a doe and she was tagging along. Nope! It's a descent 8 point. A shooter. Especially being my first with a bow!

Well, i'm scared as hell about standing up in my new, unlevel, climbing stand (yes I did have on my new Hunter Safety System harness, but I really didn't want to test it out quite yet!). :fear: So this 8 point steps right behind a tree to my left about 20 yards away. I draw - sitting down. It takes about 3 more steps into a 4 wheeler trail and stops. 45 degrees to my front left! Broadside! At 20 yards!!!!! I could not have asked for an easier, better shot!!!! :clap: I squeeze the release and my lumenok flies . . . . . . glowing beautifully . . . . . . . right over the top of his back! HOLY SCHISTERS!!!! :smack: I just missed him! SON OF A BISCUIT FARMER!!! :doh: How did I miss him??? ARRRRRRRRRG!!!!!

Now i'm not really that bad a shot. On a target, i'm money at 20 yds and 30 yds. Softball group at 40 yds. Basketball group at 50 yds, and never miss "The Block" at 60 yds. Not great, but not bad. And I shoot a lot.

Well, looking back, i'd rather have missed than hit it with a bad shot. He did duck a little when I shot, but I probably would have hit him high if he didn't. And yes, I know it was ALL my fault! When I draw, I always think 1) anchor point, Level bubble, pin on target, squeeze. All I thought during this shot was pin on target, squeeze!!!!! :banghead: I bet my anchor point was by my shoulder!!!!!! {ashamed!} I got to sit there for the next 2 hours looking at my orange lumenok sticking out of the ground. Well, lesson learned again! I told my buddy, I will never draw back on another deer without thinking about that shot. In the end, no harm done (except to my ego! :blackeye:), and man it was exciting and a lot of fun. Something about this bow hunting! I think I may take my bow on the 3-day Christmas hunt. Man it's fun!!! :twothumbs
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Man I hate that for ya! If you were sitting you may not have bent at the waste enough. I've missed a bunch of deer just like what you said and I finally figure out I wasn't bending at the waste. Oh well, you still have 2 months maybe you'll get another chance.
It happens and it want be your last. I been bow hunting since I was 15yr old and miss few.....ok alot. This year I practice everyday and one afternoon I had a nice buck at 23yd did same thing you did.
Great story man!!! I felt like I was in the next tree over!!!! Good luck on your next deer.:thumb:
Ah that's rough
Man I know it sucks missing. I missed 17 deer with a bow before I finally killed one. This was back in early to mid 90s when I was a young teen. You gain experience with each one. I used to take alot of bad shots with some bad equipment. Just makes it that much sweeter when you do connect regardless of the size of the deer. My first deer with bow was about a 60lb doe but i felt like it was a trophy. Good luck!
Great story! Isn't it cool how even a miss can get us pumped up when it's with a bow?!

This hunt was a good lesson too. Preparation involves even more than being proficient with our bow. It's being comfortable and proficient with all our equipment. It means practicing in those odd positions we might shoot from (if we choose too). It means doing things so many times they become reflex when the adrenaline is flowing!

I killed a buck a few years ago that was standing over a bedded doe 12 yards in front of my stand. He chased her in so quickly I didn't get a chance to stand up. I actually shot him sitting down with my bow directly in front of me with between my legs. Made a perfect shot and a very short recovery. Probably wouldn't have attempted that but I had a practice session a few days before when I did nothing but try odd ball shots/shooting positions. Because of that I knew I could easily make that shot.
1BigPig I feel your pain! I missed my first buck I have shot at with a bow yesterday morning! It was a shooter buck as well. I learned a lot from that and I am sure you did too! Good luck the rest of the year!
Great story. Like the other guy's said, we have all had moments like that. Things like that are just part of the learning process. Good luck on your next shot.
Dang! Hate that you missed him! Deer will almost always flinch at the shot. Take that into account when aiming. I'd rather miss low then hit too high. Its hard to remember if you have been shooting mid body at a 3D target all summer
Dang sorry you missed. When shooting from elevated position, always aim lower on your target. Good luck and hope you connect on the next one :up:
I feel ya on this... You definitely have to learn from mistakes with bow hunting.. I think we're kinda spoiled from watchin tv.... They make it look waaaayyyy too easy!! I think I missed 4 bucks before I finally popped one... Just stay with it bud!
I feel your pain. I missed my first bow shot at a nice shooter a few weeks back. (Twice)
Bend at the waist, aim at the lower 1/3 of the body, pick a spot....dead deer.:up:
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