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  1. MY dream my whole life was to have a 1966-1977 Ford Bronco. If anyone is selling one for 800 dollars or less, or even if u wanna be a good person and give it to me it would be a dream come true for me. :wink:
  2. Wes Ramsey

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    You too? :biggrin: I've been working towards that goal since college and don't seem to be any closer. I had a '69 (in spirit anyway - was mostly '74-77) when I was in the Army. Was a good truck for what little money I had to put into it. And yet it drained all I had and then some. If you're looking for an $800 Bronco, I hope you have plenty of money set aside to get it rolling. They aren't any more expensive than anything else to fix up, but they're hard to find in running/driving condition for that price.

    I used to want one to fix up and be a daily driver, but the longer I wait the less time I figure I'll have to work on it. Figure in the cost of tools, shop equipment, parts, paint and loss of family time (not to mention the stress of such a long-term project) and it just isn't worth it to me anymore. Some guys fix them up and sell them just for fun, but you'll never make a profit on one and you end up giving the labor away for free. Check out the classifieds on www.classicbroncos.com and you'll see what I mean. You can get a NICE frame-up resto for $20-25k - add in another $5k for your own custom mods to make it your own and you've got a classic that will run forever, will work great for a daily driver, costs much less than most new 4x4s and is built just like you want it.

    That's the route I'm going...the next time I come across $30k that is :yikes:

  3. dirtdart

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    Well....I can't wait for spring. I got this off a member of this forum.

    I've bought new rear quarters, new door panels, new headliner kit, new dash, new front floor pans, new front seats, new front and rear seat covers, new chrome bumpers for front and rear, new body trim, new decals, new door seals and window seals, and new rebuild kit for 302 engine and all new disc brake kits.

    It will be a new one by next fall.

  4. dirtdart

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    Do you know anybody from Gravel Ridge by the name of Scantlin....Rob Scantlin? Guy I know from Bragg. His Dad was a Coach. Rob's a good guy.
  5. dirtdart

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    302 looks a little rough...still turns over good and only two pistons won't hold pressure...could be valves or rings...we'll see.


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    Be careful what to wish for!:fit::fit::fit::razz::biggrin:
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    Dirtdart that looks like a good project. I have a 67 my dad bought new that i'm ready to get started on again. And 2 1971 models.
  8. dirtdart

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    I'm ready to take my soda blaster to this thing and get started.