My 1 day of live trapping

Discussion in 'Trapping' started by mikeljosf, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. mikeljosf

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    I caught 8 feral cats and 1 cat three different times that didn’t need to get caught
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  2. SwampCat

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    feral cats as bad or worse than a coon.

  3. tomhunter

    tomhunter Well-Known Member

    All over
    All cats are feral.
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  4. Hobbshunter

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    I volunteered at Hobbs State Park one time to do a spotlight survey. On the list of critters to count was feral cats. Someone asked, "How to do you know if they're feral? What if they're close to a house?" The answer was, "if the cat's not on a leash, it's feral!"

    Whatever you do, dont give them a ride in your car. My dad had this cat that he assumed was feral peeing in his shrubs by the back door, and the smell was getting overwhelming. So he caught him in a live trap. Being in city limits, he decided to run him to the shelter. Put him in the back of his Suburban, and that cat sprayed all over the back of it. The smell would make you gag. Luckily Dad had recently retired. He cleaned the carpet in there like it was his full time job for weeks before he made any progress. To top it all off, his neighbor found their cat was missing, picked it up at the shelter, and it was back to peeing by the back door in a week.
  5. ArkGirl

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    I have been VERY happily surprised that I haven't caught ANY of our barn cats in my live trap. They apparently are not interested in marshmallows and senior horse feed. But the coons love it!
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  6. JR1

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    Kill all the feral cats. Extremely destructive little beasts. And prolific breeders too.
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  7. ArkGirl

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    Any cat that shows up here gets fixed. Word has gotten out apparently...haven't had any new ones show up in years.
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  8. John Stiles

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    X-cept this one; shes never been out of the house: IMG_0292.jpg
  9. John Stiles

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    I used to leave a window down on my impala; and couple times I opened the door and this cat would jump out at me! I rolled the windows all up and left the door open one day with a string rigged to shut it! Next morning I yanked the door shut, got dressed and got in while the cat was on the rear window ledge and took off down the highway and that cat was making 90mph loops around the windows with me dodging when he went by me...this went on until I was several wild miles from home doing as fast as that chevy would go without wrecking, and I rolled down the drivers side window! Last thing I seen or heard from that rascal was: MEEEEEEEEooooooowwwwww as he flew out! Got home and mama said that thing will be back in the morning, and I said; I dont thing so!
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