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Muzzy 0-Effect

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Those that have OR used the Muzzy 0-Effect, what do ya think about it?
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I have one for shooting pop-up tournaments. It works great for that. I will be using it for hunting also. If you are just hunting, it will will be great. I would not use one for 3-d though.
I bought one when they first came out,9or10 yrs ago.I haven't had a bit of trouble with it,will never use another kind.Killed 30 or so deer with it!

I would not use one for 3-d though.
Why not? My bow has won 4 tournaments and placed 2nd in two tournaments in BHR this summer since I got mzy 0-effects rest. Oh, and that's all the tournaments the mzy has been used in. :up:
From what I'm getting, it's kinda like Chevy vs Ford. Chevy lovers want nothing but a Chevy....QAD Ultrarest users wouldn't have anything else, and nor would Ripcord users. BUT!!!! If you 0Effect folks like them with no problems, I guess they must be pretty good:up:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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