muslim honor killing

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    If one of your two daughters goes out on a date with a non-muslim..kill both daughters:smack: Pretty sad.

    Mother Feared For Safety Of Lewisville Sisters

    We have new information on the two teenage sisters found shot to death in the back of their father's taxi. We now know the girl's mother feared for their safety after an argument with their father.
    According to a newly-released police report, Patricia Said left with her teenage daughters Christmas night after an argument between the 17 year-old and her father at their Lewisville home. Yaser Said apparently threatened to hurt the girl after finding out she went on a date with a non-Muslim boy. Yaser Said filed a missing persons report after his wife took the kids, and called the girls to apologize. The family returned home, and on New Year's Day, 17 year-old Sarah and 18 year-old Amina were found dead in the back of their father's taxi in Las Colinas.
    Irving police officer David Tull says where he is now is anyone's guess.
    There was apparently an argument between Christian and Muslim family members at the funeral Saturday over talk this was an honor killing.
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    That's some religion they have...

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    That is one weird way to show your kids you love them! Glad I don't go to that "church."
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    Dude thats CRAZY.....:eek:
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    Religion of Peace®

    Or is that Religion of Pieces.....
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    Ya and Obama won in Iowa go figure... :confused:
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    A good buddy of mine is in ROTC/National Guard here, and he has been reading a book intitled "The Arab Mind" for one of his military science classes. It goes over the muslim culture and their religious beliefs and man, some of this stuff is sooo far out of the stratusphere. I read a few pages out of it the other night and was really blown away by some of it. It is literally a shame for a man to have a daughter. In fact in earlier times if a muslim father had a daughter, often times he would take the newborn baby and bury it alive.

    They really are some weirdos.
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    Hey D33rhunt3r, I'm voting for Osama on Feb 5 and I'd recommend the rest of you do the same. Huckabee will win the state easily and I'd sure like for Hitler to lose.:wink: How embarassing would that be for her to lose her "home" state.
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    I'll be voting Duncan Hunter if He's still in the race... I could'nt sleep at night thinking I voted even in a primary for either one of the Dems ... I'm trying to figure out right now, How to prepare for a Resession in case one of these nuts get elected I'm just not sure there is a away unless a guy can afford to buy Gold right now :frown:... I think anyway we go no matter who's elected the next 4 yrs is going to be bad similar to Jimmy Carters Admin. it aint gonna be good but maybe it will wake people up again and bring around another R.Reagan Type...