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  1. melhuntin

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    has anyone ever cooked muskrat? I:confused: hear if u fry it it tast like squirrel.
  2. neotoxo

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    It is way better than squirrel or rabbit...better have more than one else you will
    be Jonesing for some more...very good, much like beaver, lean and rich

  3. SR4

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    Seriously? Just sounds nasty!
  4. 4hunting

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    Having been raised by a family who remembered the depression era days in the riverbottoms of East Arkansas you learned that alot of things were eatable most never dreamed of & in fact were quite good at that, this being one of them.
  5. SR4

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    I can see that. I know where a creek is full of 'em. Maybe one of these days I'll give it a try.
  6. cottagecuts

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    southern but not that southern

    look bro we may have used to fight over the squirel brains, but id have to say dont send me invite for the muskrat roast!
  7. BDW

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    If it's got "rat" in the name, I ain't touching it.
  8. d2

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    Some of the local VFD's on the east coast like around NJ have muskrat suppers during trapping season to raise money for the FD. They fry them things by the truck load and usually run short on orders. SaltyDog, the new member from NJ can tell you more about them when he gets settled in...d2
  9. Guitarzan

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    Muskrat is my favorite red meat. It's great fried! :thumb:
  10. browning_gold_12

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    boy, ya'll are making saltydog feel right at home!! all he needs now is a good jeep thread and he will be in heaven, lol.....:up:
  11. Hill Farm Hunter

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    Not only have I not eaten them, I've never heard of anyone that had. Never say never, but I've not been that hungry yet.
  12. Shoot, Id eat about anything except maybe a cottonmouth or a owl (its bad luck to eat an owl). Do they have kernels in them you gotta get out?