Murphy's Law

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Chasegal88, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Chasegal88

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    Got back into Bell Slough this morning. Followed my rub line deeper into the woods and found an area that was rubbed on heavily and had an intersection of trails in it. Figured it would be a good place to sit and wait. After a few hours of sitting on my stool, my back was starting to hurt and I was getting restless. I decided with as dead as the woods was i'd ease around a bit. Stood up, put my stool on my pack and grabbed my bow. I took a few steps and something caught my attention. It was a white tail trotting off several yards behind where i was sitting. Noticed it had a headset but couldn't get a good look with my binos. :banghead: Anybody else have luck like this?
  2. Bowcrazy

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    If it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any at all.

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    Lol that has happened a time or two to me as well!
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    More times than not.
  6. Cisco

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    During modern gun I had a sinus infection/cold. Sitting all morning in my stand. Had to cough. Held it and held it until it was unbearable. I cough into my jacket. Then a deer coughs (snorts) back at me from behind and to my left. I turn in time to see a huge backside bounding into the forest with whitetail straight up!

    I tell myself it was a big doe to make myself feel better.....I know it was the 8 point I been huntin since last year!
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    A few years ago I had been hunting all afternoon and decided to go in a little early I always lower my back pack down with my pull rope and climb down with my bow in the holder. For some reason I did it backwards. and just as my bow hit the ground I tossed the rope down with it. As I turned around I seen three doe walking stright to me, They walked 15 yds from my bow. All I could do is laugh about it.
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    Every year murphy pays me a visit. This year sitting on the stand, I hadn't seen anything in a while just small ones, and then I pull out my cell phone and raise it up in the air to get a better signal and a deer blows and runs off,he/she was hidden by some brush. Probably the big one. Could have kicked myself.