Murdered Children and Liberal Hypocrisy

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  1. They anti-freedom army is out in force over the tragic killing of 20 children in CT.

    Every day in America over 3500 somewhat smaller children are killed and they say nothing!
    Let God be their judge on that.

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    Dang Bob. Thats a big jump ain't it?

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    I don't think that is a big jump. A child murdered is a child murdered whether it be a mad gunman or an abortionist. RR is definitely on target IMO.
  4. It isn't a jump at all.... it is right on point.

    These urbanites want to kill the unborn, have men marry men, hate god, and reward failure at every turn.

    It is increasing clear that that people like that and the people that populate this board no longer share enough in common to function in the same nation.
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    It's not a jump at all. Society has devalued life for nearly 40 years through the killing of millions of the most innocent, then are surprised when someone takes it a step further.
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    Dam bro....there's something we can agree on after all....I was beginning to wonder!:razz::biggrin:
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    I agree, as I have said on here before, the only difference is a few short years. Murder is murder. In my opinion, it is a tragedy that some will use this tragedy to push their own agenda. All those tears for the children murdered at this school, and it is heart-crushing, but our society has hardened themselves to such a point that an unborn baby is no longer a baby, just a blob of cells. Where are the tears for the thousands of these little souls who are thought worthless from the very beginning?
  8. I'm relieved to see that so many of you understand. When we devalue life we set the stage for monsters like we saw in CT.
    I find it tragically strange that it takes years of court cases and millions of dollars to end the life of a murder (how much will we spend before the Colorado theater shooter rides the needle) but it takes so little to end the life of the most innocent of all, the unborn. Why is the killers life worth so much more?
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    Yep I've been amazed for years that abortion in general is ok. Especially the late term stuff. People argue that prior to birth it isn't really human. But in that same hospital a few doors down there might be a neo-natal unit fighting to save the lives of premature babies that are being murdered across the country as "not really alive yet".

    Completely disgusting.
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    freedom comes with a price if not we would be a communist country.......... is that where yall want to go.............
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    I don't fully understand your thought here, but the fact that our Nation has accepted the murder of the "yet-to-be-born" would seem to have little to do with true freedom. Should we be free to kill our children after they are born if we decide that we don't want them anymore?
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    i beleave in pro choice on abortion its our free will that god gave us be it good are be it bad. and yes i don't beleave in abortion myself but i don't think i should push my agenda on the rest of the country and there rights. are pass laws for my beleafs. our country was not founded on religon but on freedoms..................
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    Just suppose the elders of the tribe decided to abort the Virgin Mary's pregnancy? How do we know that the children being aborted are good or evil? Maybe evil is the reason we have abortion....aborting those who will inherit the Kingdom....trying to tip the outcome of the final days? Answer; we don't know, but God knows!! We know that those that care for the unborn are good, and those who agree with the killing are not so good. God is perfectly capable of intervention, when a need arises! TJMHO
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    Yes, unfortunately our Government has chosen to listen to the voice of evil in these last days and there seems to be no limit to the injustices we now see all in the name of "freedom". By the way, you didn't answer the question. Should parents be able to kill their children if they decide that they do not want them anymore? If not, why not? Doesn't it violate their rights as citizens to not be able to "choose"?[/QUOTE]nope its there choice thats what freedom is.................
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    The truth us that we are all born evil and have what the Bible calls a sin nature. We all have the desire and capacity to committee evil acts. We are are also born with the knowledge of right and wrong, a conscience. That is the Law of God written on our heart. We also usually feel sorry for when we do wrong. That is the mind of Christ written on our heart. We are likewise born with a desire to be forgiven for our wrongs, we feel guilty. That desire is what brings us to God in search of that need that is in our soul. The redemptive power of Jesus Christ is the only thing that makes us any good at all. That being said, taking an innocent life is wrong on any level for any reason. PERIOD! The answer to why things like this happen us because we are evil beings. The only way anyone is able to be anything different is to accept by faith and accepting the free gift of Salvation that God gave. The moral decline accelerated the day that God was removed schools and other public places.
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    Killing is killing but I don't think I'd compare abortion to these kids getting killed. I'm anti -abortion no doubt about it. But I'm sure not gonna even try and cheapen the memory of these kids and the 6 adults who got slaughtered in Friday. The libs can say what they want but I guarantee you that if that was one of my kids then I wouldn't give a d#@& about my guns or the second amendment. All I would want is my kid back.
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    To me there's no differance between a child murdered with a gun or by abortion, There both dead. At a very young age I hunted with my dad and knew what shooting an animal would do. A lot of kids only play video games and the people they shoot don't die but keep coming back. If that's all they know and are somewhat mentally off, they may have a tendacy to believe what their seeing. I don't know. I can't process something as horrible as the shooting this past week. it's not even human behavior. I believe Obama will use this incident to further his agenda. His past chief of staff so not to let a crisis go to waste. I believe i also read somewhere he sponsered a bill in the Illinois that if a child survived a abortion to deny the child care so it would die.