multiple flocks?

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  1. Yesterday I was hunting on the complete other side of our land than where I have been seeing the turkey flock I have been watching. this is 3000+ acres I am talking about. Anyway, while I was in my stand I heard some turkey coming from west of me. I thought there was a possibility that it could be them but It was a descent distance from where they usually are. So I glassed them and there is somewhere around 14 in this flock. My dad was sitting in the stand close to the other flock and he said they wre all there in force. He was watching them. After talking about them a little longer we realized we were seeing them at the same time. a LONG distance from one another. So, I am thinking I have a lot more turkey on the land than what I thought I had. I am even more excited about this year now. Can you have more than one flock on your land? Remember I am new at this and I have no clue. I don't see why you couldn't but I have no clue. Thanks for the input.
  2. Yes sir.. On 3,000 acres you could have several resident flocks plus untold numbers of turkeys that are just passing through.. Keep in mind turkeys can and will travel great distances in a days time..

  3. Like I said, I am new to this. I thought they would stay relatively close to where they roosted. I mean I knew they traveled I just had no clue how far. I thought they would have a relatively small "Home range" Thanks for the info. I learned something new today, lol.
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    Nope, large home range that will likely change or shift by spring.
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    Man, I just like the name of the thread..."multiple Flocks". Something I haven't heard in a while.:biggrin:
  6. Ain't that the truth.. I enjoy seeing birds this time of year but come April there's no telling where they'll be..
  7. Kinda makes you wonder about an invite..:whistle:
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    Naaa, figure that will be the last we hear from him till about May when you started that.:fit:
  9. come on guys, I have invited people here for some turkey hunting. Its my first year, I need all the help I can get. I have two people coming down already. I don't want to kill them off, haha. But talking to my dad and my brother. we all had a flock close to us around the same time. My brother had them come under his stand. So that means atleast three flocks out there. :biggrin: I am hoping this will be a good first year.
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    Oh yea, you probably have several flocks on 3,000 acres. I will tell you though that many times turkeys winter range is different than their spring range during hunting season. We have a flock of about 20 turkeys on our farm right now and typically we have a flock that winters on our place but come somewhere between mid March & the 1st of April everyone of them will usually be gone. Of course that means you will probably have some other lonely gobblers cruising through a place with 3,000 acres that you have never seen before. The turkeys on our farm head our of the bottoms & go north across the highway to the mountain range come spring. It is SO frustrating.
  11. We wouldn't come to actually hunt, more as an advisory committee.. We'll just carry guns in case they try to flog us..:whistle::thumb:
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    That's exactly right. I have heard of folks dieing back in the day when they ran into Multiple flock flogging. Definitely need to carry guns in a advisory position. Much like big game hunting in African.:biggrin: Just picking!!:fit:
  13. :fit: :fit: :fit: I will keep that in mind.
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    It sounds like there are multiple flocks for sure! Like others have said they may or may not be there come spring. Sometimes birds have different areas that they winter in from the areas they use in the spring. It has to do with available food, nesting areas, and such.
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    CE listen brother you can let me come up there and hunt because I assure you that I am no threat ot the current turkey population whatsoever:biggrin:
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    Ok, there's another fly in the ointment......:doh:
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    Man I gotta see what that new gun can do:fit: Don't tell CE though:whistle:
  18. :fit: :fit: you boys have lost it. I am enjoying this thread even more now. :fit: