multiple catch racoon cage traps

Discussion in 'Trapping' started by Lungbustr05, Sep 2, 2013.

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    Over the last week I have seen a few videos for multiple catch raccoon live traps. One of them had a trap door on top that would fall out from under the coon when it stuck its head in the trigger, once the coon fell through it would reset and be ready to catch another one. The other trap had a small walkway and a door built into the cage that the coon could easily lift up to go in the cage and once through could not pick it back up. At first I thought they were pretty cool but then I got to thinking about it and changed my mind. The trap that has the door they can lift depends on getting the coon use to going in and out of the trap by prebaiting. To me that seems like a waste of money. Why would I want to spend time and money on food for a few days to get the coons use to the trap when I could set a dozen dog proofs and catch most of them the first night. I also got to thinking about fur value. Get a bunch of coon in a cage together in tight quarters and it probably wont be long until they start fighting and damaging their fur. To me the multi catch trap seems neat but not necessary if you already have traps. I really wanted to get other opinions on them. What do yall think?
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    I am just like you. Neat idea and trap but one I would never use...d2

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    55 gallon barrel, hinge on platform and a tree. Had one as a kid. Thought about making another one.