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    My cousin lives near Oden and we are planning on spending a wkd with him. Hes not much of a deer hunter so he doesnt know much about the area. I was looking at a map and saw that Muddy Creek Wma is close by and I would love to get a bow hunt in. Any help with info about the area would be greatly appreciated. I checked the agfc site and that offered a little info but the maps are very hard to deal with, at least for me that is. Thanks for any help with this area. The other question I have about that area is whether the national forest around that area is worth hunting? Thanks again for any help
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    I hunt on the north side of muddy creek, There are a lot of decent deer in there. Not a lot of monster bucks these days, normal buck taken out of there with be in the 110 to 120 range. depending on when you will be hunting down there they might be dog hunting in the area around highway 270. I seen you said you wanted to bow hunt but don't be surprised if you hear a few dog races and rifles going off anyway. I try not to hunt down that way just for that reason.

    If you go in on forest service road 33 and follow it north to FS 17 that will take you to fiddler creek, there is some decent bow hunting in there, but the hills are pretty rough so be ready for a climb. Hope that helps a little.

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    I have land that borders Muddy Creek WMA and what arc3162 is saying is correct. There are not any deer dogs legal to run in Muddy Creek WMA, but the deer dog hunters in that area are mostly outlaws and run the area year around and especially in the fall. And they will be shooting at the deer just like arc3162 said. Muddy Creek has the potential to be a great deer hunting area if the AGFC will ever take care of the outlaw deer dog hunters in the area.

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    Sorry LC didn't mean to mention deer dogs around you. I know it's a touchy subject, take a deep breath a relax. I know you are still recovering from the last deer dog debate. :fit::fit::fit::fit::fit::fit::fit::fit:

    Just kidding LC I wish they would do something about it as well.
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    No foul no harm. I just state the truth about deer dog hunters. Muddy Creek WMA could be one of the premier deer hunting WMA's if the deer dog problems were addressed. With my main hunting land bordering Muddy Creek I hear and see the deer dogs almost every day in the fall and weekly the rest of the year.

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    my coworker hunts there yearly. has always had sucess. no wall hangers, but meat in the freezer. GL
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    There are a few wall hangers left in there, just takes a while to find them and get to them. Unlike some of the other WMAs I have been on Muddy Creek isnt cut by roads very much. You might hunt down there for years and never get on that 2 acre territory that belongs to a 140 or 150 scored buck. They are still there, just not anywhere that is easily found.
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    appreciate the helpful comments
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    all the land around lake ouachita up there is national forest. you can hunt any of it, so your not limited to muddy creek if you wanna go somewhere else:up:
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    love me some deer dogs!!!:clap: