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    I was at the AGFC meeting at the Ozark Folk Center last night. Not much was really said outside of what everyone else has stated except more clearification of baiting ,distance from really. One dog runner complained of not having a season he was then asked how much land he had to run them ,.....40 something acres was his answer .There was a concern about how the Deer commitee was put together and who and how to get in touch with those on the commitee we were told they could NOT give out that info .One guy brought up a good thing that I liked I can bait bear on private ground inside a WMA but I can't on the WMA why not do a permit draw on baiting stations/baiting an area.One thing they proposed I think its the same as this current rule and that is the doe harvest during the October MZLDR and the first weekend of gun in zones 1 and 10 which eleminated the doe quota permit but I with archery can only harvest two does why not allow me to take three with archery to help with the doe population. Then the ability to get on or a a way to have a more acceptable way to harvest doe on private ground, I stated outloud that the private lands biologist would be more than hapy to help you. No one knew anything about DMAP and how it would help. but it was known after the meeting

    here is something to look at and ask yourself what I asked.....

    on the comments sheet they handed out at the end of the meeting# 3 states Prohibit hunting while under the influence ( I thought that was already against the law and # 4 Prohit the obstruction hunting and fishing. (thought the same on this one too)
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    How many were there?

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    Around 60 if I'm thinking right
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    Lets see now....Deer Team=Committee


    ] A committee which was chosen BY the parent company.

    ] The parent company is a tax supported public entity.

    ] Most, if not all, of this "committee" receive monthly payment from taxpayer funds.

    ] The parent company just said it wanted to better "communicate" with the public on their concerns.:smack:

    ] The public has no direct communication vehicle which to input their wishes to these people who WILL have an increased opportunity to influence our future deer regulations...(an email to AGFC distribution is not direct)

    ...and they can't give out that information?????
    Wonder if an FOI would work.

    They also held the info on the advisers email until the forum was almost closed down to any input...Well done.