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  1. cur

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    Mt.Cur squirrel dog almost finished . Needs little more tuning up 300.00 Hybrid Keemer Cur X Mullins Fiest just started hunts hard 150.00 or buy both for 400.00 We have no squirrels in North AR to hunt . Thanks 870 715 5339 .
  2. cadroncreek

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    just sent you a pm

  3. Ozone

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    Dang, I was thinking of getting a squirrel dog to hunt Newton County....:confused:
  4. sm159144

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    Kemmer/ mullins... How old? Is he treeing? I don't want to squirrel hunt just looking for some powerful smaller frame dogs to train on hogs.
  5. cur

    cur Well-Known Member


    The Keemer Hybrid will bark hard if he can see it.
  6. sm159144

    sm159144 Well-Known Member

    bark at a squirrel? hog? how deep does it hunt? call me anytime 8704036290
  7. joker46

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    do you still have the dogs 870-245-7086
  8. Lookin for a mt. cur squirrel dog. 501-893-6250
  9. cur

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    Dogs are sold Thanks!!!!!!!!!