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Mr. Green the Foxhunter

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For any of you that knew Mr. Green that had the grocery store in Leola for years, and was a fox hunting enthusiast.....I just heard he took his own life a short while ago. He'd been in the hospital recently. Prayers for his family are in order! :frown:
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What could drive a person to such depths of despair? It hurts me to even think of it. Surely his family cold use the prayers right now, so I'll send one up right now.
I don't have a clue....he called his daughter and told her she'd better come over and get her mother, that: " the time you get here I'll be dead" and he was! He really loved to run dogs.....can't figure it out.
Mercy. I hope the daughter is a strong one, she'll need to be for a while. That post sort of lingered in my head all day.
Out of all those who've hunted Grant Co. I can't believe nobody knew the man. He ran "Green's Model Market" for many years, the store is still there[in Leola] run by Bob Logan!
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