Moving it all out to the garage, worried about moisture...

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  1. AF2007

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    Hey guys,

    I had everything in my office in a cabinet and in my closet (guns and ammo). The wife and I had a bit of a compromise to move things down to the garage in exchange for me getting a new safe. I ended up getting a cannon 24 gun from tractor supply. Fits perfectly and all the guns work nicely in it. I also put my ammo down in the garage in their cabelas ammo cans in the existing gun cabinet.

    I'm just worried about moisture. I put desiccant packs in both but I hate the idea of moisture getting to my guns or my ammo. Where do you guys keep yours? I have alot of ammo, probably more than I'll go through in several years. Will it keep in the cans?
  2. lc071

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    Desiccant packs don't always take care of moisture problems, don't ask me how I know this. Get a dehumidifier for that safe if you want your guns to stay dry & clean. I switched to one of these after the silica packs let every one of my guns mildew. No issues since then.

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    I have the same set-up in my garage, but I keep all ammo inside. I had some problems with ammo going bad even though I had a dehumidifier in the safe. I put each gun in a silicone sleeve and have not had any problems with the guns rusting.