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Mounting a sling on a SxS

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Guys, I have a 12 gauge Yildiz SxS that I have been using this duck season when the weather has been nice. Im wanting to put a sling on it but Ive read where people are worried about drilling and tapping a swivel stub between the barrels, in fear that the solder will weaken and possibly come loose. Im thinking that since I have a modern SxS that this will be less of an issue, but that may not be the case...? Im not really fond of the slip over the barrel slings b/c they are more trouble than they are worth, they dont stay tight around the barrel, slip off, and obstruct your sight picture.

Does anyone have a SxS that has been drilled and tapped w/ a swivel stud? Have you had any problems w/ the soldering weaking and the barrels becoming loose? Could any of you recommend a reputable gunsmith that would do a good job w/ this? Im open to any other alternative ideas you might have.
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