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Most of the time I'm full of it but look

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Saw these thought they were cool

Drake double duty decoys I never seen them b4 but they are cool and only $80 a dozen and look real
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I have some. They look good but they are paper thin and you have to fill the hole from the mold with hot glue or they will have water in them. I just left the keel off and they ride really good on the water. Got mine for 36 bucks last off season from FT. Thompson.
I've never had the water issue either.
I didn't have to fix all of them but about 9 of the dozen didn't have the seal where they fill the hole in the plastic. Hot glue gun and some hot glue and was fixed in about 2 minutes. They are very light and a little on the dark side but I would buy another dozen for what I paid in a heart beat.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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