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  1. Anyone hunt this area or know of anyone who has? Was pretty wet out there earlier this year I hear, which was good and bad for hunting...sort of pushed the deer up and concentrated them in the higher areas. Guess they didn't close this area when the waters were rising. Anyway, I'm wondering whether or not it's worth getting a permit for here or not. Couple hours from the Benton area...maybe there's somewhere more worthwhile on public land that doesn't require a permit? Seems odd they still have all these permits lying around for Big Pine if it was worth going.

    Winona is nothing but does and I haven't ever hunted anywhere else around here.

    Looks like it's up to me to be Christopher Columbus and explore the new world...err, WMA. It is difficult to believe that this place has three open deer seasons, the first (already done) saw 90+ deer pulled out of this place with two more deer hunts to go before the year is out and NO ONE has any idea about it. I would think that many people would be excited about this place! It's brand new...the only WMA of it's kind in the area with a bunch of unwary deer wandering around! Well, tomorrow, off to the left-over lottery permit office I go.

    The 3 hour drive from Benton is a pain in the ass but what can you do.

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    My buddy hunted down there just this last week and said that he didn't see any in the woods. It's so thick that he said you could hear them move, but never see them. The only deer he seen was on the drive down there!
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    welcome Teucer! glad you joined up! from what i hear, people are real excited about this place!! thats probably why nobody is talking about it. folks get tight lipped when a new honey hole opens up. but you run on down here and find hot spot, then post me up some coordinates so i can run over there after work when you go back to Benton!!:wink: :cool: :razz: :thumb:
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    nothing but does in winona??? :head:
    guess everyone forgot to tell that to this guy...
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    We have to drive thru moro big pine to get to our lease. Usually see deer on the way in and out. There are some good deer on that land if you are willing to work for them. Some of the guys on our lease saw a real good one a guy shot opening weekend of rifle season. Definitely a wall hanger. Decent population of hogs in some areas also. Hope this helps.
  7. Hunted Moro Big Pine all yesterday and today, the last two days of the hunt. I saw one deer jump across the road on the way in but other than that I saw zero others throughout the mornings, afternoons and evenings. There were tracks galore throughout the WMA but I couldn't see one deer in that damned place. I did see one hog and one bunny rabbit, but other than that I'd have sworn the place is barren.

    The water levels were quite high here, and the entire place is swamped. Moro Big Bog would be a better name for this place. You'd think with all the high water there would be some activity here as the deer were pushed up but no.

    Alternatively I did hear that about 6 or so deer were taken yesterday by other hunters in there.

    Sort of interestingly enough, after light faded this evening, I managed to get disoriented on the way out and was lost in the WMA for a period of time. I bumbled around in the darkness with my Great Lite flashlight (it is in fact a great flashlight by the way) until I finally called 911 to get me the hell out of there. Luckily I managed to find my way to the power lines where the local PD picked me up. He was a really nice guy, though he told me I was hunting with a modern gun in a primitive gun only season (not true)...he did not press the issue so I didn't bother pulling out the reg book; too tired at this point.

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    Teucer--you are too much.
  9. It wouldn't have been so bad if it weren't so boggy...and dark...and foggy...and downpouring with rain. I checked in with the game and fish area manager and let him know that I would be calling him to check back out but unfortunately he did not pick up when I telephoned to tell him that I was in fact lost. This annoyed me, as noone wishes to pick up the phone and dial 911. Seems I call 911 at least once a year since as far back as I can remember, even into childhood. The reasons for such are so diverse as to hold no correlation; this distresses me somewhat, as if I could find the causative nature of why I continually find myself on the brink of disaster it would at least assuage me as to the reasoning behind the "black cloud" that inevitably follows me and my wife.

    I will say that it was quite strange getting lost out there. We were going directly into the opposite direction, thinking left was right and vice-versa. Two of us thought that we were going in the correct direction and were somehow fooled. It is quite remarkable.