morning hunters?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by carbonelement, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. I am heading out tomorrow morning. It is supposed to be 11 degrees when I get to my stand. Going to be COLD. Who else out there is dumb enough to go? Let me know. I hope I am not the only one. :biggrin:
  2. woodsnwater

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  3. btech29

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    Not me. :snooze:
  4. being a chicken farmer has its perks from time to time. The chickens will just have to wait for the morning hunting session to end. :biggrin:
  5. webbtoes

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    I would be but gotta help get the twins out the door in the morning then a couple of meetings.
    Be out in the afternoon though.:thumb:
  6. SR4

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    I was watching the weather channel earlier and they said it'd be 4 here in the morning. The good news was there won't be much wind. That'll make a world of difference. I gotta go work for awhile. Luckily its inside work.
  7. austincrutchfield

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    Nope i got to be at work, in order to have thursday off so i can go huntin:thumb:
  8. jmiller1

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    i have to say im dumb enough to be up for the cold , i will be there .
  9. born2hunt

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    Not me. That kind of cold takes the fun out of it for me.
  10. alright, I won't be the only one YEAH :up:
  11. whitetailfreak

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    me and theXone will be heading out at about 8:30 should be a good day to hunt hope everyone gets one good luck guys.
  12. my plan is to be in stand at 6:00 I found a new spot and I am hoping it brings more luck than what I've been having. There were signs ALL over the place. I'm all kinds of pumped up.
  13. coonnutz

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    I would love to be out there, but I have came down with a head cold and it sucks:mad: my sinuses are killing me and I have snot dripping in my mustache :censored:

    Good luck to y'all:up:
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    Is this the sign you're seeing?

  15. JohnnieWalker

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    Hopefully they are not POSTED signs. :fit:
  16. coonnutz

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    Hope y'all are staying warm in the stand this morning.
  17. THExONE

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    The wife is having some problems from her gall bladder surgury so I am stick at the doctors office for now. I will be headed out as soon as we are done, it is perfect out this morning.
  18. well they were moving like crazy this morning. It was nice to actually see a deer for a change. The morning was none spot action. To bad none of it was within range but I still had a blast. The new spot seems to be promising. Maybe, I can get one soon.
  19. nemhsiri

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    I was out about half an hour before light this morning. I had one little yearling doe come in at 6:45 and feed for about 15 minutes. I kind of feel guilty considering the season some have had this year. I thought you should be grateful to have a deer right under you like that, but I just can't bring myself to shoot something that small yet. I had deer at this same stand location every day last week. Nothing big, and only one buck, but I saw several running through the woods this am about 120 yds away. I am gonna hold out for a mama doe or a buck untill the holiday hunt, but if it is getting close I guess I will have to not be so picky. Anyway, had a good morning, gonna go back this afternoon. Best of luck to everyone.:clap:
  20. NWA Bowhntr

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    Sounds like a fun hunt! Good luck getting one of them on the ground!:thumb: