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Morning hunt

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Anybody else go hunting in Alaskansaw this morning. I went into the woods before daylight but came back out to warm up and wake for some warmth from the sun. Only thing I managed to do was leave some of my butt frozen to a log. 11 degrees at 5:00 this morning when I left this morning.
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Man that sounds like it was cold.. It is time to follow the moon.. think about hunting in the middle of the day right now... see if that helps...
Didn't go hunting this morning but did get out and squirrel hunt this afternoon. It wasn't too bad... only thing that got cold on me was my ears.
Anybody else go hunting in Alaskansaw this morning.
:fit: :fit: :up:
I sat there in the frosty morning from 6:20 till 9:30 and saw birds. I did manage to miss one Saturday at 2pm. :smack:
Tried coyote hunting Sun morning. Saw 19 deer, several groups of ducks flying (not common up here), and 3 bald eagles. No coyotes though.
Didn't see any deer Sun but I stayed over in a tent, that was cold. Had does come in twice Mon morning. 8 and 10am no shots.
Went Sunday at camp- broke ice 1/2 thick getting to the slough man it was cold- saw probably 20 deer 2 nice longbeards and had 5 hogs killed which is always a good thing! The deer are hitting the winter wheat/turnip food plots
hard and heavy- man those green plots sure are looking good!I will post a few pics!
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